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Senator Warwick Parer, Minister for Resources and Energy
Senator Robert Hill, Minister for the Environment
Peter McGauran, Minister for Science and Technology
Joint Media Release

Australian companies taking up 'The greenhouse challenge'.

6 June 1996.

Four major Australian companies and three industry associations took significant action today to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Companies, BHP, CRA, ICI, Shell, and the industry associations, the Electricity Supply Association of Australia, the Pulp and Paper Manufacturers Federation of Australia and the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, have formally submitted their cooperative agreements to the Minister for Resources and Energy, Senator Warwick Parer, Environment Minister Senator Robert Hill and Science and Technology Minister Mr Peter McGauran.

"These companies and associations have demonstrated that a win-win situation. a win for industry and a win for the environment, is feasible and achievable," the Ministers said.

The agreements by the four companies cover 109 major sites across Australia, identify over 200 actions to reduce greenhouse emissions. Through taking actions, the companies' aggregate emissions will be reduced by approximately 18 for the year 2000.

"The Government encourages Australian companies to look beyond 2000," Senator Parer said. "Meaningful reductions in greenhouse emissions requires a concerted effort to invest in new technology and innovation.

"It is pleasing that the companies that have signed on today have accepted this challenge.

"Adopting leading edge energy management principals and developing new technologies will provide greenhouse benefits beyond 2000.

"The four companies are investing in research and development of new technologies. Pending successful commercialisation, the technologies have the potential to further reduce the companies' greenhouse emissions by approximately 11% early in the next decade," Senator Parer said.

The Government came to office with a commitment to pursuing cooperative agreements with industry as one of Australia's key measures to its national greenhouse response strategy.

"Cooperative agreements fit well into Australia's overall contribution to the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," Senator Hill said.

"Australia is committed to playing an active role internationally and, in doing so, must ensure that solid action is being taken domestically.

"The Greenhouse Challenge program provides the opportunity for industry to demonstrate what it can do," he said.

Mr McGauran applauded industry's participation in the program, and commended the companies and associations who signed their cooperative agreements today for their leadership and commitment to achieving sustainable economic growth.

"Australia has significant strengths in research and development and in applying of new technologies relevant to the global environmental challenge," he said.

Mr McGauran referred to Commonwealth support for the renewable energy industry as an indication of how the Government has achieved integrated actions to contribute to the Greenhouse Challenge.

Senator Parer also recognised the invaluable role industry associations are playing in encouraging their members to participate in the Challenge.

Already, two paper manufacturers have submitted their agreements with another three close behind and 25 electricity bodies are intending to join the program.

More than 70 companies and industry associations from the mining, steel, cement, aluminium, petroleum, energy supply, manufacturing and commercial sectors have indicated they will be submitting cooperative agreements.

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Senator Parer's Office: Mr Bob Baudino 0419 438 818
Senator Hill's Office: Matt Brown 0419 693 515
Mr McGauran's Office: Carmel Christiansen 018 624082
Greenhouse Challenge Office: Louise Vickery 06 271 6633 015 483 052 (mobile)


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