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Natural Heritage Trust

Media Release
Joint Statement by Minister for the Environment, Robert Hill, and
Minister for Primary Industries and Energy, John Anderson


2 November 1997

Sir James Hardy will chair a seven-member committee which will advise the Howard Government on Australia's largest environmental rescue effort.

Federal Environment Minister Robert Hill and Primary Industries Minister John Anderson have announced the membership of the Natural Heritage Trust Advisory Committee.

Senator Hill says Sir James Hardy is an outstanding appointment as Chair of the committee.

"The committee includes some of Australia's most respected science and natural resource management experts, who are already contributing significantly in other advisory capacities for the Government.

"Sir James' outstanding environmental credentials and leadership skills will ensure a sharp focus for the committee's work. He brings to the position an impressive record of work with Landcare Australia and a passionate commitment to the marine environment.

Under his leadership, the committee's tasks will include advising the government on matters concerning the integration of the Trust's objectives of biodiversity conservation and sustainable agriculture. The committee will also monitor the effectiveness of Partnership Agreements between the Commonwealth and States and Territories".

Mr Anderson says the committee is well-positioned to provide advice to the government on nature conservation, land and water management and how best to involve Australians in the Trust.

"The government appreciates the commitment of these seven people to contribute to progressing the important issues of the Trust."

The advisory committee will meet at least twice a year, and I am confident that by drawing on the combined expertise of the committee members we can ensure the objectives of the Trust are delivered with favourable results."

A list of the committee members is attached.

Contact: Matt Brown (Senator Hill) 02 6277 7640 or 0419 693 515
Rob Haynes (Mr Anderson) 02 6277 7520 or 0419 493 511
Malcolm Forbes (Environment Australia) 02 6250 0782
November 2, 1997

Natural Heritage Trust Advisory Committee

Sir James Hardy
Director, Landcare Australia Limited. Chairman, Landcare Australia Foundation. Director BRL Hardy Limited. Yachtsman.
Dr Nigel Monteith Chair of the National Council for Sustainable Vegetation Management. Chair of the South Australia Native Vegetation Council. Past National President of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science, and former Chairman of the Meat and Livestock Research and Development Corporation. Expertise in natural resource research.
Mr Bruce Lloyd Chair of the Australian Landcare Council. Irrigation dairy farmer near Shepparton. Federal Member for Murray 1971-96. Member of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment 1993-96. Long association with the farming community and a keen interest in land and water management issues in Australia.
Professor Roger Kitching Chair of the National Biological Diversity Advisory Council. Foundation Professor of Ecology at Griffith University. Director of the Cooperative Research Centre for Tropical Rainforest Ecology and Management. Chair of Ecosystem Management at University of New England 1986-92. Ecologist and entomologist. Chair of Queensland Conservation Council. President of the Australian Entomological Society.
Professor John Lovering President of the Murray-Darling Basin Commission since 1994. Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Geology at the Flinders University of South Australia 1987-1995. Presiding Officer of Natural Resources Council of Australia 1992-94. Former Chair of several public and private company boards and past member of many national and international scientific and government committees.
Ms Diane Tarte Executive Officer of the Australian Marine Conservation Society and National Coordinator for the Marine and Coastal Community Network. Co-convenor of the Australian Committee for IUCN Marine Subcommittee. Over the past 25 years has been involved in marine and coastal conservation issues, particularly the management and protection of the Great Barrier Reef and Australian tidal wetland areas, the development of government planning and management policies and legislation, and the involvement of the community in the management of marine protected areas, coastal wetland reserves and rehabilitation of riparian zones.
Professor Roy Green Chairman, National Land and Water Resources Audit Advisory Council. Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (Paris). Past Chief Executive of CSIRO 1995-96. Past Director CSIRO Institute of Natural Resources and the Environment. Member Australian Marine Industry and Science Committee. Chairman Ecologically Sustainable Development Working Group on Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 1990-91.
Contact: Brendan Edgar (Environment Australia) 02 6250 0707

Natural Heritage Ministerial Board Agenda Item 3 Attachment A
Inaugural Meeting 28 August 1997

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