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Media Release
Senator Ian Campbell
Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministers for the Environment, Sport, Territories, and Local Government

Media Release

$5 Million Boost For Co-operative Approach On Recycling from Telstra

8 August 1996

Senator Ian Campbell, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment, today told representatives from the recycling industry that the Federal Government supports a more co-operative and a national approach to recycling and will back this with $5 million from the Telstra Environment Package.

In a conference hosted by the Liquidpaperboard Carton Manufacturers Association in Sydney today, Senator Campbell reaffirmed the Government’s support of a 50% reduction of waste going to landfill by the year 2000, but said that the setting of arbitrary targets alone was not enough to achieve this target.

A National Co-operative Strategy will provide sensible and practical criteria for goal setting and allow the Federal Government to work with State, Territory, and local Governments to achieve the best possible result for our environment,” Senator Campbell said.

“Most importantly, the Federal Government will work with industry, not against it, to achieve recycling targets.”

“Effective recycling policy is one that encourages a productive partnership between industry, retailers, consumers, and all areas of government.”

Senator Campbell said that a broader range of industries and waste streams will receive attention in waste reduction initiatives, which will promote not only better waste management practices but also provide industry with further opportunities.

Industry was reminded however, that additional funding for Waste Management Awareness Programs was dependent upon the minor parties supporting the partial privatisation of Telstra.

The National Waste Management Awareness Program, costed at $5 million over five years, will encourage higher levels of domestic recycling which will not only help our environment, but provide industry with greater opportunities,” Senator Campbell said.

“The Democrats’ decision to block the sale of Telstra will not only allow the environmental degradation to continue, but will also affect green industries.”

Senator Campbell said that the Democrats had indicated they had no objection to using money from Telstra to fund the environment package as they had proposed syphoning 7% of Telstra’s revenues to finance the Natural Heritage Trust. The Democrats had yet to explain how this $200 million per year would be replaced - whether it was to be by higher taxes or cuts to expenditure or increased borrowing.

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