Tour guide training

We want to make sure that every visitor has a great experience in Kakadu and Uluru-Kata Tjuta. A good tour guide can make that happen - giving visitors up-to-date and culturally appropriate information, helping them stay safe and giving them some great holiday stories to tell their friends and family.

To support these high standards, anyone working as a tour guide in Kakadu or Uluru-Kata Tjuta national parks must complete a special entry-level training course. The course is called 'Knowledge for Tour Guides', or you might hear it discussed as 'tour guide training' or 'tour guide accreditation'. It is delivered by Charles Darwin University via CDROM and you can do the assessments by email or in person.

In Uluru-Kata Tjuta, 622 guides have completed the course since it was launched in 2009. Recent visitor surveys have highlighted that 92 per cent of visitors thought the quality of tour guide information was very good to excellent, highlighting the impact of having all guides accredited. In Kakadu over 800 guides have completed the course since 2006.

Feedback on the training

"The Kakadu Knowledge for Tour Guides course is informative, well structured and so easy to complete. It gives our guides the confidence and competence to talk to visitors about Kakadu's diverse habitats and rich cultural heritage." Anja Toms, Kakadu tour operator

About the training

There are separate courses for tour guides working at Kakadu and Uluru. For each park, the training covers all the things a tour guide should know when working in the park - including key areas of visitor safety, understanding the park's natural and cultural values and history, minimising environmental impact and legal compliance. Park staff, Aboriginal traditional owners and the tourism industry have helped to develop the training.

In Kakadu, it has been a requirement for all guides working in the park to complete the training since 1 April 2008 and at Uluru-Kata Tjuta the requirement took effect on 1 April 2011.

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The training is delivered through Charles Darwin University. This is self-paced learning and the tools needed to complete the course are supplied at the time of enrolment. A range of interactive, flexible learning tools are used, including a CD ROM with audio and visual learning aids, and an online discussion forum. The course materials are also available in printed format and can be delivered face to face by special arrangement with the university. The training must have been successfully completed by the person that maintains primary responsibility for a tour group (the person giving information to the group) while they are in the relevant park. This applies whether your company visits the park only once, or more frequently. If your tour group does not have a suitably trained guide you can employ a step-on guide who has done the appropriate training.

How to enrol

To enrol in the Kakadu program, visit:

To enrol in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta program, visit:

Who to contact

For the Kakadu training, find out more from Charles Darwin University (Palmerston Campus):

Charles Darwin University - Palmerston Campus
School of Tourism and Hospitality
Palmerston Campus
Charles Darwin University NT 0909
Phone: 08 8946 7954
Fax: 08 8946 7833
International: +61 8 8946 7954
Kakadu Course Email:

To discuss the training with Kakadu staff contact:
Tourism Services Officer
Phone: 08 8938 1176


For the Uluru training, find out more from Charles Darwin University (Alice Springs Campus):

Charles Darwin University - Alice Springs Campus
Tourism & Hospitality Central
Phone: +61 8 8959 5959

To discuss the training with Uluru staff contact:
Kate Adams
Visitor and Tourism Services Project Officer
Phone: 08 8956 1111