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Environmental watering in the Murray River Valley

Date published: 
Thu, 08/01/2013 - 12:15

Up to 300 gigalitres of Commonwealth environmental water is being provided to help improve water quality and flush salt and nutrients from the Murray River, improving conditions for native plants, fish and water birds particularly in the Lower Lakes and the Coorong.


The delivery of Commonwealth environmental water may be used to order flow rates targeting up to 15,000 ML/day downstream of Yarrawonga Weir (recognising that subsequent rain events may naturally result in marginally higher rates). If there is an increased chance of flow rates exceeding 18,000 ML/day downstream of Yarrawonga Weir and 60,000 ML/day at the South Australian border the delivery of Commonwealth environmental water will be reduced or cease. Flow thresholds have been established through external consultation with our delivery partners to minimise impacts on third parties and to river and floodplain work programs, and will be subject to ongoing assessment as the season progresses and conditions change. In the use of Commonwealth environmental water, delivery partners are required to manage flows so as to avoid or minimise impacts to private property and public infrastructure.

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