National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development

Prepared by the Ecologically Sustainable Development Steering Committee
Endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments
December, 1992
ISBN 0 644 27253 8

Coastal Zone Management
Part 3 Intersectoral Issues - Chapter 17


To develop comprehensive coastal zone policies which are consistent with ESD principles, protect and manage the coastline and beaches for the enjoyment of future generations, and ensure that coastal development is balanced, well planned and environmentally sensitive.

Strategic Approach

This can best be achieved through developing integrated policies on the management and protection of the coastal zone within each jurisdictions' sphere of operations. Once the RAC Coastal Zone Inquiry is complete and each jurisdiction has developed their own integrated coastal policies, governments will be in a position to identify significant coastal issues which require a national approach as part of any agreed approach to develop a national coastal strategy.

Objective 17.1

  • to develop coastal policies, consistent with ESD principles within each jurisdiction

Governments will:

  • continue to work at the State and Territory level to ensure that coastal policies are either developed, or where necessary, refined in accordance with ESD principles
  • work towards early completion of the Commonwealth Governments integrated policy on the management and protection of the coastal zone in relation to its responsibilities
  • following release of the draft report of the RAC Coastal Zone Inquiry, be in a position to identify significant coastal issues which require a national perspective. Criteria for identifying national issues are importance of environmental, social and economic impacts, and where there is a demonstrated need for a uniform approach or cross-jurisdictional cooperation
  • consider the need for, and scope of, a national strategy after release of the final RAC Report and ensure that any negotiations on a national approach to coastal issues will involve consultations with relevant non- government organisations and user groups, draw on ESD principles, existing and revised policies within jurisdictions and the findings of the RAC Coastal Zone Inquiry
  • examine the scope for utilising the institutional framework and handling mechanisms outlined under the IGAE as a possible mechanism for improving inter-jurisdictional management of the coastal zone
  • following release of findings from the RAC Coastal Zone Inquiry, which is examining future uses of coastal zone resources to develop approaches for integrated coastal management, give consideration to the RAC recommendations