National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development

Prepared by the Ecologically Sustainable Development Steering Committee
Endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments
December, 1992
ISBN 0 644 27253 8

Education and Training
Part 3 Intersectoral Issues - Chapter 26


To increase awareness and application of ESD principles and approach in education and training policy and programs.

Strategic Approach

The most effective strategy for achieving this is to incorporate ESD principles into curriculum, assessment and teaching practices in the school, technical and further education (TAFE) and higher education sectors.

Objective 26.1

  • to incorporate ESD principles and approaches into the curriculum, assessment and teaching programs of schools and higher education

Governments will:

  • work through the Curriculum and Assessment Committee, the Australian Committee on Training Curriculum and the Australian Vice Chancellors' Committee with a view to incorporating ESD principles into future curricula
  • give particular attention to incorporation of ESD principles into national curriculum statements, particularly in the learning areas of science, technology and studies of society and the environment
  • ensure that a multi-disciplinary and balanced approach to environmental education is adopted in all national collaborative curriculum activities
  • encourage development of specialised curriculum materials
  • facilitate greater access by teaching staff and academics to information on ESD

Objective 26.2

  • to develop and improve vocational education and training programs which incorporate ESD principles and which will give practical skills in achieving ESD

Governments will:

  • encourage and support initiatives and projects associated with ESD in education in training, modelled on initiatives such as the Australian Committee on Training Curriculum Landcare Project, the Farmsafe Project and the national project for the training of farmers in the safe handling of chemicals
  • examine the need for development of a national course in land regeneration
  • encourage and support increased moves by National Training Boards to advocate implementation of ESD consistent principles
  • work towards inclusion of details on progress in developing training modules on ESD, and the practical implementation of ESD principles. in the annual reports and strategic planning documents of training organisations
  • use the Australian Women's Employment Strategy and the National Plan of Action for Women in TAFE as a means of reducing women's barriers to participation in those sectors which rely on natural resources as their productive base
  • through labour market training, encourage women to undertake ESD-related tertiary courses