National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development

Prepared by the Ecologically Sustainable Development Steering Committee
Endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments
December, 1992
ISBN 0 644 27253 8

Employment and Adjustment
Part 3 Intersectoral Issues - Chapter 27


To ensure that equity implications of ESD actions, including those for employment and structural adjustment, are taken into account in implementation, monitoring and review of this Strategy Package, and where adjustment is necessary, it occurs in an equitable way.

Strategic Approach

Governments will continue to examine a range of mechanisms for ensuring that no individual or organisation is required to bear an unfair burden of adjustment arising from decisions, actions and initiatives outlined in this Strategy Package. Governments' overall objective for all these decisions is to enhance the welfare of the community as a whole. In those cases where some groups are unable to adjust effectively, consideration will be given to use of adjustment measures, including allowing sufficient time for implementation to allow adjustment to take place autonomously.

Objective 27.1

  • to assess and monitor the equity implications of proposed ESD actions, including impacts on employment and structural adjustment, and ensure they are taken into account in reaching decisions on implementation

Governments will:

  • continue to support and work through established mechanisms for assisting workers in particular industries or regions where employment is affected by structural adjustment arising from ESD-related measures
  • seek to ensure that ESD-related decisions, actions and initiatives meet the aims of the Commonwealth's Industry Labour Adjustment Assistance Sub-Program, that is 'contribute to the efficient and equitable functioning of the labour market by improving and adapting the skills or employment base in particular industries, regions or enterprises undergoing structural change and by assisting individuals affected by those changes'
  • where possible, encourage efficient and effective structural adjustment by industry sectors with minimal government involvement
  • give further consideration to the adequacy of adjustment measures to meet identified needs
  • further consider mechanisms to facilitate intergovernmental monitoring of the labour market and workforce impacts