Eloise - 2011 Graduate Program


  • Monash University


  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours - History)


First Placement: Historic Heritage South, Heritage Division

During my rotation I was responsible for organising a workshop for all Commonwealth agencies, to explain and illustrate their heritage obligations under the EPBC Act with regards to the Commonwealth Heritage List. This involved managing all the logistics of the workshop, including organising the venue and catering, compiling a package of materials for participants (including organising printing of relevant documents), compiling the agenda, drafting and coordinating both informal flyer invitations and a written letter from the Secretary to agencies, coordinating speakers from the department and liaising with other agency representatives who were presenting case studies and external service providers, and acting as MC at the event. I also worked on other tasks such as assessing heritage management plans for sites, providing input to referrals under the EPBC Act and answering correspondence.

This rotation provided me with the opportunity to manage a discrete project. I was responsible for coordinating the input of others and work to deadlines to ensure the workshop ran smoothly. I was also able to develop my stakeholder management skills, as I was required to liaise extensively with heritage place managers, Commonwealth agencies, external service providers and internal stakeholders.

Second Placement: Cities and Towns, Water Governance Division

The Cities and Towns Section manages projects that save water and reduce water losses in cities and towns with populations of less than 50,000, with funding provided under the National Water Security Plan for Cities and Towns. I was given carriage of a few projects during my rotation and my role was to liaise with the proponents as necessary, assess incoming milestone reports and write minutes recommending payments, and assess and prepare variations to funding deeds, including briefs to the Parliamentary Secretary. I was also able to assist in the management of other projects, including preparation for openings/launches of projects and drafting of event briefs and media release, as well as attending these events and general site visits. I was also responsible for a discrete administrative task within the section - managing the program website redesign, including writing content and project overviews, coordinating input from other members of the sections and liaising with Water Group web team.

This placement gave me an excellent overview of the administrative processes of the department, both in terms of contract management and other internal process such as organising travel, trip plans, project management, risk management and the development of web content.

Third Placement: Housing and Population Policy, Housing, Population and Communities Division

The Housing and Population Policy section is responsible for the development of high level policy advice to the Executive and Minister on housing affordability, housing supply, population and community issues.

My role in this section was to undertake research and analysis of tasks. In particular, I focused on developing a narrative on sustainable communities which could be used to inform the work of the division and the wider department. I also undertook other, discrete research tasks including summarising submissions to the Tax Forum relating to housing affordability and tax reform and summarising key planning reforms in the States and Territories. Other tasks included drafting correspondence relating to housing and population and preparing meeting briefs for the Minister's office.

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'