Renee - 2011 Graduate Program


  • Bachelor of Business (International Business)
  • Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)
  • achelor of Business (Honours) Economics

Graduate Experience

Project Manager- Group C Graduate Field Trip, Planning Phase


First Rotation: Water Strategies Section, International Team


  • Review of the water entitlements trading (WET) project in China
    • Desk top research to fully understand the project
    • Interview key stakeholders including one Australian and one Chinese team member
    • Develop a comprehensive and succinct report outlining findings
    • Develop potential new website text for public information
    • Develop a potential flyer for distribution to visitors to the department
  • Develop key documents including ministerial briefs and ministerial correspondence
  • Assist in the organisation of foreign delegations to the department
  • Attend meetings of foreign delegations to the department
  • Participate in preliminary organisation of a US EPA delegation to the department
  • Assist in preliminary research with regards to water at the Rio+20 conference
  • Respond to ad hoc requests

Second Rotation: EPBC Review Task Force


  • Development of the Wildlife Chapter of the Cost Recovery Consultation paper involving;
  • Extensive consultation with the wildlife regulation branches and DAIMS
    • Regular meetings and consultations with the SEWPaC finance team
    • Regular communication and meetings with the Department of Finance and Deregulation Cost Recovery team
    • Identification and calculation of the costs of the various wildlife regulation functions
    • Development of a comprehensive and readable chapter regarding potential cost recovery options for wildlife regulation functions
  • Development of key written documents including ministerial briefs, ministerial correspondence and QTBs as requested
  • Participation in the sections annual planning day
  • Acting as the APS 200 major infrastructure project secretariat o Regular meetings with other secretariat members at the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism
    • Regular meetings with Deputy Secretary Kimberly Dripps to discuss her requirements and expectations from the secretariat
    • Research and development of briefings on the infrastructure projects involved in the overall project
  • Arrange a series of Videoconferences with SEWPaCs Canadian counterparts working directly to First Assistant Secretary, Peter Burnett o Liaise regularly with my Canadian counterpart
    • Arrange appropriate videoconferencing requirements through communication with voice services
    • Ensure all appropriate senior staff members are invited with sufficient notice through cooperation with Peter's EA
    • Arrange necessary pre-videoconference documents to be sent via email prior to the meetings
  • Manage Cabinet-in-Confidence documents appropriately

Third Placement: International Section


  • Arranging the meeting of the 8th Australia-Indonesia Joint Working Group on Environment and Climate Change
    • Developing the draft agenda
    • Liaising with the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and the Indonesian Embassy
    • Drafting Coord requests and formal correspondence for co-chair
    • Developing budget
    • Managing relationships with DCCEE, RET, AusAID and DFAT
    • Drafting cables
    • Arranging catering
    • Arranging formal dinner, including development of guest list and invitations
    • Arranging and coordinating field trip
  • Develop and publish the International Bulletin
  • Preparation of briefing papers for international meetings
  • Development of travel minutes
  • Attendance and minute taking at inter-departmental meetings
  • Drafting of correspondence to international delegations
  • Research and analysis of country positions for international meetings
  • Preparation of Ministerials
  • Cable drafting and distribution

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'