2001 Graduate


My graduate year in 2001 offered some very interesting opportunities, and that continued in the Department following the end of my grad year. During my year on the program I worked in the Compliance and Enforcement Section of the Approvals and Wildlife Division, the Landscape Conservation Section of the Natural Heritage Division, and the International Multilateral Unit in the Strategic Development Division.

At the end of 2001 I returned to the Compliance and Enforcement Section. Almost immediately I was lucky enough to be offered a temporary job as a senior policy officer in the Ozone Protection Section, which I decided to take. After six months I applied for and won the position permanently. My job involved progressing all aspects of compliance and enforcement within the Section, including assessing alleged breaches, liaising with stakeholders, and developing procedures such as referral policies and risk management strategies. I also had some involvement in education and awareness programs, and managing grant contracts.

In August 2003 I moved to the Migratory and Marine Species Section. My job involved working on Australia's international and domestic policy for migratory and marine species, in particular marine turtles, dugongs, sharks and seals. This included working on Australia's international obligations under the UN Convention on Migratory Species, as well as domestic policy issues including Recovery Planning, stakeholder management and administering NHT funding for contracts that aid the conservation of these species.

In October 2005 I moved to the Land, Water and Coasts Division, where I now work as an Assistant Director in the Water Policy Section. The Section is responsible for the Department's contribution to implementation of the National Water Initiative; national approaches to recovery and management of water for the environment; the development and application of economic tools for sustainable water management; approaches to new and emerging water policy issues; and aquatic ecosystem health and management.

The jobs I have held since my graduate year have been entirely different, but I have enjoyed all of them immensely, and have learnt very different skills from them. I would encourage anyone thinking of applying for the Department's graduate program to do so - for me it was a very good decision with rewarding outcomes.

'the best thing about working for us ... is the environment'