2007 Graduate Program


In the five years since I started with the then Department of Environment and Water Resources I have had the opportunity to work in a wide range of policy and program areas in the environment portfolio.

Immediately after finishing the Graduate Program I stayed in the Environment Economics Unit where I had completed my third rotation. The Environmental Economics Unit provided economic advice and analytical support to policy and program areas in the department. My work involved research and advice on issues including waste policy, energy efficiency and methods of economic analysis for environmental decision-making.

In the last few years I have worked on a range of rebate and grant programs in the energy efficiency and natural resource management spheres. Most recently I have been working on Caring for our Country, the Government's natural resource management program. I have had the opportunity to work with state and local government, non-government organisations and community groups to manage projects involving sustainable farming practices, revegetation, weed and pest control and coastal rehabilitation. I am now working in a small team undertaking a review of Caring for our Country. We will use the findings of the review to inform the next phase of natural resource management investment.

These opportunities have provided me with exposure to the wide range of issues the department deals with and the workings of government more broadly.

On a more personal note, the networks and friendships I built through the Graduate Program continue to benefit me. Having moved from Perth for the Graduate Program, my graduate cohort was an important support network for me during my first year in Canberra and I'm pleased to report that five years down the track many of us are still great friends and happily working for the department!