2010 Graduate Program


After completing my Grad year in 2010, I started in the Australian Government Land and Coast division in the Caring for our Country Review Team. This position was a completely new experience for me, but it looked like interesting work, with interesting people, so I gave it a go.

With my previous study in natural resource management I felt confident that I would enjoy the content, but in time I realised it was also the nature of the role, the fluidity of the small team where we would all 'muck in' and get a task done not because it was included in our Performance Agreements but because we knew it was for the good of the team and the Review. This fast paced role sustained my interest and provided me with the necessary challenges that I wanted to experience and now seem to need in my working life.

I feel lucky that I took the dive into the unknown of the Review Team. Along with the tight deadlines, meeting with stakeholder and working with varying executive expectations, it gave me the opportunity to work with great people, travel across the country, and get exposure to all manner of interesting public service situations.

On reflection I don't think I would have had the resilience, confidence or networking skills available to me without completing (and enjoying) the Graduate Program. The training, friendships and changing working roles I gained during the program gave me the sense that I could pretty much cope with any challenge - big or small.

So after a year in the Review Team, I needed my next challenge and recently moved to the Land Sector Taskforce - Biodiversity Fund. Some may say I am a glutton for punishment, but I am once again revelling in the fluidity and face paced action of my role and thoroughly enjoying what this new program is challenging me with.

All in all my two and bit years in the public service has been good to me. I have always been surrounded by hard working, enthusiastic people who also know how to have fun and it is that mentality that I feel will lead me towards a successful career in the public service – and I would not have been able to experience any of it without being part of the Grad Program.