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Explanation of the terms in the details table

The details table on the full details search result page contains information about an image. To use an image for any purpose you must first contact us.

Barcode No

All images entered into the database are assigned a unique barcode number. To request an image you must state the barcode number.

Image Title

A short title for the image.

See also Image Description.

Image Creator

The creator is the artist/author/photographer of the original image. The creator must be acknowledged when using an image.

Copyright Owner

The possible entries for the owner of the copyright on an image are:

Copyright Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
Copyright belongs to the Department, and the Department must be acknowledged.
Copyright creator
Copyright belongs to the creator (photographer, artist etc), and both the Department and the creator must be acknowledged.
Copyright shared (creator and DSEWPaC)
Copyright is shared between both the creator and the Department, and both the Department and the creator must be acknowledged
Copyright other
Copyright belongs to someone other than the Department or the creator. You must check and follow any copyright conditions before using these images.

Copyright Conditions

Details of any restrictions placed on the image by the copyright owner that must be followed before an image can be used.

Credit creator
To use these images the creator must be credited in the publication or presentation etc. For example, Photograph of XXX, by Photographer's name.
No restrictions
There are no restrictions on the use of these images.
Print only
These images can be used only for printed publications, not for web sites.
Web only
These images can only be used on the Internet or Intranet for web sites etc, not in printed material.
Other: See Copyright Comments
See Copyright Comments for more details.

Copyright Comments

Further copyright information that must be followed before the image can be used.

Image Description

A Short description of the image.

See also Image Title.

Thesaurus Terms

Every image in the database has been classified by one or more Thesaurus Term.

The thesaurus terms have been chosen to broadly describe the environmental themes and roles of the Department, and to cover the most requested types of images.


Single keyword or phrase to describe the image.

Several fields in the database are searched for occurrences of the word or phrase entered as a keyword. These include:

  • Any keywords defined for the images
  • Any thesaurus terms defined for the images
  • Image titles
  • Image descriptions
  • Image places
  • The species and common names of flora or fauna (if available)
  • Any comments defined for the images

Image Place

The name of the place shown in the image.

Image Date

The date the image was created (if known).

Geographic Region

Specifies the region the image was taken in. These include:

  • Australia (if State or Territory is unknown)
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • External Territories
  • International (All areas outside of Australia and its External Territories)
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia