Research Grants

ABRS National Taxonomy Research Grant Program

The 2016–2017 Research Grants round is CLOSED.

The Research Grants stream provides support to Postdoctoral Fellows and established career researchers to undertake research relevant to the taxonomy and systematics of the Australian biota. Research Grants and Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant are available.

All Research Grants have a co-funding requirement. That is, applicants must have obtained a commitment for the applicable amount of co-funding for their application to be considered. The ABRS will place no restrictions on the source of this contribution, but applicants will need to be aware of the rules of other granting agencies, which may limit how funds contributed by them may be used. Salary may be included as co-funding. However, in an instance where two projects are of equal scientific merit but one has salary co-funding and the other cash co-funding, the project with cash co-funding will be ranked higher. In-kind contributions will be recognised but will not replace the requirement for additional co-funding input.

All Research Grants awarded in the 2016–2017 Research Grants round are of three years duration.

Table 1 below outlines the Research Grants that are available.

Table 1: Research Grants 2016–2017
Type of grant & amount
(per annum)
ABRS contribution
(per annum)
Minimum grant application contribution
(per annum)
Research grant — $10 000 $10 000 $5 000
Research grant — $35 000 $35 000 $17 500
Research grant — $70 000 $70 000 $35 000
Research grant — $90 000 $90 000 $45 000
Postdoctoral fellowship grant — $90 000 $90 000 $45 000

Assessment criteria and process

All Research Grant applications are assessed according to the evidence provided in the application. The criteria used to select successful Research Grant applications are:

Table 2, Assessment Criteria, Processes and Weighting
Application completed correctly Yes/No
(If required) Cash or salary co-funding included Yes/No
Host institution able to provide the required support Yes/No
Value for money (e.g. justified expenses, substantial work output) Yes/No
Relevance of the project to the specific objectives of the National Research Priorities and the Priority Areas for Research Grants 2016/17 20%
Feasibility of the project or merit of the proposed product (including the breadth of the likely client user group) 40%
Ability to carry out the project, or capacity in the case of early career researchers to do the project, as demonstrated in the application 40%

Funding agreements

All grant recipients who receive funding from the ABRS under the 2016–2017 round, are subject to the terms and conditions set out in the ABRS Grant Funding Agreement.

The Department of the Environment has developed standard funding agreements for grants. Applicants who are successful in receiving funding under the ABRS NTRGP are subject to the conditions set out in the following funding agreement templates.

Note: These funding agreements are samples only and may vary slightly from year to year.


ABRS grant recipients are required to report to the ABRS on the progress of their grant. Failure to submit any Report by the due date may result in cancelation of the grant and ALL future funding.

Note: All reporting forms are to be submitted either electronically (with a PDF of the signature page) to OR as posted hard copies.

If you are uncertain of your grant type, the reporting requirements or which grant reporting template you should use, please contact the ABRS Grants and Business Manager.

Note: dates listed below are guidelines only. For specific grant reporting due dates, please refer to your grant funding agreement or contact the ABRS Grants and Business Manager.

Reports for Research Grants should be sent:

By email to:

By post to:

Grants and Business Manager
Australian Biological Resources Study
Department of the Environment
GPO Box 787
Canberra ACT 2601