Spiders of Australia

Spiders of Australia - Interactive Identification to Subfamily

Spiders of Australia:
Interactive Identification to Subfamily

Interactive Identification to Subfamily


Spiders of Australia is a comprehensive information package and identification tool for spiders, among the most numerous and abundant of all terrestrial organisms in Australia. The CD ROM covers all families and subfamilies in Australia and New Guinea, and all but two families in New Zealand.

The interactive keys allow fast, accurate identification of Australian spiders to the level of family, subfamily and, in some cases, genus. Using the latest web-integrated Lucid Player, an easy-to-use browser interface provides access to the rich store of information including distribution maps, subfamily notes, lists of species, and subfamily and family descriptions. Most subfamilies are illustrated with high quality photographs of live spiders while the rare or tiny are shown from photomicrographs. A brilliantly illustrated complete glossary of terms used in spider identification complements this package.

Spiders of Australia will be much sought after by ecologists, park rangers, natural resource managers, taxonomists, students, naturalists, amateur arachnologists, and people generally interested in identification of spiders.


  • Over 2000 diagrams and photographs, more than 500 in colour
  • Glossary of characters
  • Checklist of Australian spider species
  • 184 character states aid identification; in many cases a family can be recognised by one or two features

About this CD ROM

Electronic series: ABRS Identification Series
Publishers: Australian Biological Resources Study/CSIRO Publishing
Year: 2002
Authors: R.J.Raven, B.C.Baehr, M.S.Harvey
Queensland Museum/Western Australian Museum
ISBN-10: 0 643 06870 8
ISBN-13: 978 0 643 06870 4

System Requirements

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System memory: 16mb RAM; 32mb NT/2000/XP (32mb RAM or higher is recommended
Screen Resolution: SVGA monitor (800 × 600 or better)
CD ROM drive: 4× speed or greater
Input device: Mouse
Web browser: Internet Explorer (recommended) 5.0 or greater; Mozilla Web Browser 0.9 or greater; Internet connection (optional)