Flora of Australia Volume 17A—Proteaceae 2 Grevillea

Flora of Australia Volume 17A—Proteaceae 2 Grevillea cover

Flora of Australia
Volume 17A
Proteaceae 2

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This is the second of three books in this series describing the Australian Proteaceae. It contains the genus Grevillea (Tribe Grevilleeae). Grevillea is the third-largest genus of Australian flowering plants, with all but seven species endemic to Australia. This treatment recognises 357 species (452 taxa), 43 of them newly described here.

Grevillea is a major component of the Australian flora, found in every State (a single variable species in Tasmania), and in habitats ranging from alpine to desert, and rainforest to salt lake margins. Many species are of horticultural importance, and a few are sources of ornamental timber.

This volume of the Flora of Australia is unusual in being almost entirely the work of a single author, Mr Bob Makinson. It includes an introductory essay to the genus, as well as full descriptions of all taxa, a series of keys for identification, bibliographies, synonymies and distributional information. With this volume, bio-diversity managers, horticulturalists, field naturalists and all with an admiration of Australia's wildflowers, will have a compact and detailed reference book to one of our most distinctive groups of plants.

Five authors, 9 artists and 19 photographers have contributed to this volume which contains descriptions of one genus and 452 taxa at species and infraspecific level.

This volume covers 1 family, 1 genus and 357 species.

43 new taxa in the Proteaceae are described, as well as new combinations and lectotypifications.

About this book

Book series: Flora of Australia
Publishers: Australian Biological Resources Study/CSIRO Publishing
Year: 2000
Hardcover ISBN-10: 0 643 05969 5
Hardcover ISBN-13: 978 0 643 05969 6
Softcover ISBN-10: 0 643 05970 9
Softcover ISBN-13: 978 0 643 05970 2
Size: 250 × 176 mm (B5)
Number of pages: xx + 524 pages, glossary, index
Binding: Hardcover and Softcover, section stitched
Illustrations: 65 colour plates, 40 black and white plates, 452 maps