Flora of Australia Volume 17B—Proteaceae 3 Hakea to Dryandra

Flora of Australia Volume 17B—Proteaceae 3 Hakea to Dryandra cover

Flora of Australia
Volume 17B
Proteaceae 3
Hakea to Dryandra


Volume 17B is the third of the books describing the Proteaceae. This part contains genera of the Tribes Grevilleeae (Hakea) and Banksieae (Musgravea, Austromuellera, Banksia and Dryandra). The other Australian genus in the tribe Grevilleeae is Grevillea, which is treated in volume 17A. Introductory chapters describing important features of the Proteaceae in Australia, including relationships, morphology, palaeobotany, pollination biology and uses, are contained in Volume 16.

Hakea is the largest genus described in this volume, with 149 species all endemic in Australia. This is the first modern treatment to describe the entire genus. Musgravea and Austromuellera, with 2 species each, are rainforest trees confined to north eastern Queensland. Banksia, with 76 species, all but one endemic in Australia, has been the subject of a recent monograph (George, 1981), popular treatments (George, 1984, 2nd edn 1987, 3rd edn 1996) and a project, to be published in 3 volumes, to illustrate every species in watercolour (Rosser & George vol. 1, 1981; vol. 2, 1988; vol. 3, 2000). Dryandra, with 93 species all endemic in south western Australia, has also been without a modern treatment until now.

The three large genera are conspicuous and important components of forests, woodlands and shrublands throughout much of Australia. They are important also in horticulture and floriculture, and widely grown both in Australia and overseas.

Five authors, eleven artists and fourteen photographers have contributed to this volume which contains descriptions of five genera and 391 taxa at species and infraspecific level.

This volume covers 1 family, 5 genera and 322 species. 16 new taxa in the Proteaceae are described, as well as new combinations and lectotypifications.

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Year: 1999
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