Guidelines for Authors of Occasional Publications


A key part of ABRS’ activities is the publication, in a range of formats, of taxonomic and biogeographical information. These publications arise from research supported by ABRS, from targeted contracts for the development of information sources, and from manuscripts developed independently and offered to ABRS for publication.

Submission of manuscripts to ABRS for publication

To be accepted for publication by ABRS, manuscripts must meet most or all of the following criteria:

  • They deliver taxonomic information or information that supports taxonomy;
  • They are of suitably high scientific standard;
  • They require minimal editing or design work from ABRS;
  • They can be made available for appropriate inclusion or linking to the ABRS web site;
  • They are delivered in whatever format(s) best suits their subject matter (Internet, CD ROM, hard copy); and
  • They are budget neutral — meaning that ABRS may invest upfront funds but an agreement will be negotiated in order that the program eventually retrieves these funds in royalties. Prices and marketing strategies will be developed with this in mind.

Priority will be given to works that provide information on taxonomically neglected groups, important ecological groups, and groups of high conservation importance.

Please contact the ABRS officer responsible for the particular scientific group.

  • email: