Castiarina - Australia’s richest jewel beetle genus cover

Australia’s richest jewel beetle genus

Australia’s richest jewel beetle genus

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Professional scientists, natural resource managers and wildlife protection officials will find this book to be a useful aid in their work. It includes identification keys, diagnostic features, notes on mimicry, distribution and adult food plants, and realistic colour renditions of the beetles.

For those with an artistic eye and love of fine books, the splendid design and superb illustrations of all 478 Castiarina species — these real jewels — will bring delight.

For the general reader, the introductory sections make easy reading, and the anecdotal stories of some of the wild antics of the beetle collectors will bring a smile or, among those of similar ilk, feelings of empathy. This book provides a wonderful display of the diversity of life, within one group of beetles.

About this book

Publisher: Australian Biological Resources Study
Year: 2006
Author: S.Barker
ISBN-13: 978 0 642 56843 4
Size: 250 × 176 mm (B5)
Number of pages: vi + 341 pages, index
Binding: hardcover, section sewn
Illustrations: 47 colour plates