Survey of Australian Taxonomic Capacity 2003/2006

Part A—Survey of Taxonomic Workforce
Part B—Resources of Australian Natural Science Collections

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  • Survey
    • Summary
    • Part A
      • Question 1a
        Is curatorial and/or taxonomic work your major responsibility in your organisation?
      • Question 1b
        What is the percentage of work time spent on taxonomy or curatorial duties?
      • Question 2a
        Please identify the type of organisation where you currently carry out your curatorial or taxonomic work?
      • Question 2b
        Please identify the location of the organisation where you currently carry out your curatorial or taxonomic work?
      • Question 3
        What is your employment status at this organisation?
      • Question 4
        In your position how many hours per week would you have worked on average during 2001 and 2002?
      • Question 5
        How long have you been working in the field of taxonomy?
      • Question 6
        Do you intend to be working in the field of taxonomy in 12 months time?
      • Question 7
        How likely is it that you will continue to build your career in taxonomy?
      • Question 8
        How many days of taxonomic field-work have you undertaken in the last two calendar years and how were they funded?
      • Question 9
        Thinking about your job over the last twelve months, could you estimate what percentage of your full time work was devoted to the following tasks?
      • Question 10
        If you are or have been a practicing taxonomist please indicate on which taxa of Australian living or fossil organisms you conduct or have conducted original taxonomic research.
      • Question 11
        If your taxonomic research interests are best defined by taxa of rank below order please name them.
      • Question 12
        In order of importance, which of the following would increase your productivity if funding were available.
      • Question 13
        Please indicate how much you think the following costs and opportunities in taxonomy impact on the taxonomic workforce. Do they impact a lot, a little or not at all?
      • Question 14a
        What was the highest level you achieved in your formal education?
      • Question 14b
        In what subject areas did you major?
      • Question 15
        Are you male or female?
      • Question 16
        Which of the following age categories are you in?
      • Question 17
        Which of the following best describes your approximate annual income before tax?
    • Part B
    • Footnotes

The following information has been derived from the taxonomic capacity surveys and sources mentioned above.

In 1991 almost three quarters of the taxonomic capacity was employed on a full time permanent basis, by 2003 this had dropped to just over 50%***** I am out of time, will complete in 2 weeks: Helen

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