What’s Its Name? - Proteaceae

What’s Its Name? - Proteaceae cover

What’s Its Name? - Proteaceae

What’s its Name? - Proteaceae is a checklist of active or current plant names in the Australian Proteaceae compiled largely from the Flora of Australia publication series and the Australian Plant Name Index (APNI).

Readers wanting current details on a particular species or genus should refer to the Australian Plant Name Index:

A primary source of information for this book and for updating APNI is the Flora of Australia series (Proteaceae: Volumes 16, 17A & 17B) available in hardcopy through CSIRO Publishing. These volumes are being incorporated into the Flora of Australia Online.

What’s Its Name is a collaborative project of the Australian Biological Resources Study, Australian National Botanic Gardens and the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research.

National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication entry

What’s its Name? : A concise list of plant names & name changes for Australia. Proteaceae.

Includes index
ISBN 0 642 56812 X.

1. Botany - Australia - Nomenclature. 2. Proteaceae - Australia. I. Cayzer, Lindy. II. Whitbread, Greg. III. Australian Biological Resources Study.


This work may be cited as

L.Cayzer & G.Whitbread, What’s its Name?: Proteaceae. Canberra : ABRS (2001)

About this book

Book series: Flora of Australia
Publishers: Australian Biological Resources Study
Year: 2001
A collaborative project by: Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS)/Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG)/Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research (CPBR)
ISBN-10: 0 642 56812 X
ISBN-13: 978 0 642 56812 0
Size: 250 × 176 mm (B5)
Number of pages: 54 pages
Binding: Softcover, saddle stitched (stapled)
Cover illustration: Grevillea bipinnatifida
Artist: Diana Boyer for Flora of Australia volume 17A