Grasses… Take a closer look

Poster 1 - Grasses… Take a closer look

Poster number 1: Grasses… Take a closer look

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Grasses are incredible.

They are found nearly everywhere in the world, from Antarctica, where only one other native flowering plant survives, to the desert, where ‘resurrection plants’ come to life after rain; from rivers and billabongs to your lawn.

They survive grazing, trampling in a football match week after week, splashing with sea water, and the fumes along busy highways.

They provide a major source of food for humans and for most of the animals we farm.

Australia has over 1300 species of grasses and the diversity among them is vast.

Take a closer look at some of Australia’s grasses and their uses.

© Commonwealth of Australia 1999.

This poster was produced by the Australian Biological Resources Study with the assistance of Bushcare — a program of the Australian Government’s then Natural Heritage Trust, as a supplement to the grass volumes of the Flora of Australia.

Poster 1/4. July 1999.

Artwork: Mali Moir. Photographs: BC Brian Carter; PH Penny Hussey; DJ David Jones; PL Peter Linder; RR Rod Randall; KT Kevin Thiele © ANBG. Photos by PH & RR reproduced from Western Weeds with permission from the Plant Protection Society of WA. Text: Katy Mallett. Technical advice: Mike Lazarides.

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Related series: Flora of Australia
Publishers: Australian Biological Resources Study
Year: 1999