Grasses… Coasts and wetlands

Grasses… Coasts and wetlands

Poster number 2: Grasses… Coasts and wetlands

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Grasses are usually thought of as belonging to relatively dry open areas, but they are very versatile.

Many are found on sea shores, in ephemeral wetlands, on the edges of salt marshes, growing in swamps and rivers, or floating in deep water.

There is even a grass in NSW which only grows in fast-flowing rivers.

Almost the only wet place grasses are not found is in the sea — ‘sea grasses’ belong to a different family.

Wetlands contain many other grass-like plants. The most common are the rushes (Juncaceae), bulrushes (Typhaceae) and sedges (Cyperaceae).

© Commonwealth of Australia 1999.

This poster was produced by the Australian Biological Resources Study with the assistance of Bushcare — a program of the Australian Government’s then Natural Heritage Trust, as a supplement to the grass volumes of the Flora of Australia.

Poster 2/4. July 1999.

Painting: Margaret Saul. Photographs: JB Jeremy Bruhl; BC Brian Carter; GK Greg Keighery; ML Mike Lazarides; TL Tim Low; RR Rod Randall; JW John Wrigley © ANBG. Photos by GK & RR reproduced from Western Weeds with permission from the Plant Protection Society of WA. Text: Katy Mallett. Technical advice: Mike Lazarides.

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Related series: Flora of Australia
Publishers: Australian Biological Resources Study
Year: 1999