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Poster 4 - Grasses... Northern Australia

Poster number 4: Grasses... Northern Australia

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The grasses of northern and arid parts of Australia differ from those of the cooler southern areas.

Arnhem Land and far northern Queensland are home to Australia’s only native bamboo species, but there are other unusual grasses in the rainforests, related to the bamboos.

It is thought that the grass family evolved in rainforests, before dominating so much of the open and drier areas of the world.

Native grasses are the foundation of the pastoral industry in the tropical and inland areas of Australia.

Vegetation with a hummock grass understorey covers about 25% of Australia.

© Commonwealth of Australia 1999.

This poster was produced by the Australian Biological Resources Study with the assistance of Bushcare — a program of the Australian Government’s then Natural Heritage Trust, as a supplement to the grass volumes of the Flora of Australia.

Poster 4/4. July 1999.

Painting by Margaret Saul. Photographs: BC Brian Carter; DJ David Jones; ML Mike Lazarides; TL Tim Low; JP Jo Palmer; BS Bryan Simon; JW John Wrigley © ANBG. Text: Katy Mallett. Technical advice: Mike Lazarides.

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Related series: Flora of Australia
Publishers: Australian Biological Resources Study
Year: 1999