Grasses… Weeds of national significance

Poster 5 - Grasses... Weeds of national significance

Poster number 5: Grasses... Weeds of national significance

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Although many grasses are important in primary industry and the environment, some are invasive weeds. Once they escape cultivation they can threaten other primary industries, sensitive native ecosystems and recreational areas.

Three introduced grasses have recently been included in the list of twenty Weeds of National Significance. Coordinated national strategies are being developed for these three weeds to protect the environment and primary industries of Australia.

Unfortunately, the seeds of some weedy grasses are available from catalogues, the Internet or mail order. It is essential that you check with Commonwealth quarantine officers before you import seeds or plants.

The Weeds of National Significance strategies are available on the National Weeds Strategy web site:

© Commonwealth of Australia 2000.

This poster was jointly published by the Australian Biological Resources Study and the Queensland Department of Natural Resources (with funding from the former Natural Heritage Trust), as a supplement to the grass volumes of the Flora of Australia.

Poster 5. October 2000.

Painting: Mrs E. Conabere. Drawings: Enid Mayfield. Photographs: © MF Murray Fagg (ANBG); LH Leslee Hills; JH John Hosking; SJ Surrey Jacobs; DM David McLaren; QDNR Queensland Department of Natural Resources. Text: Weedbuster Week Coordinator. Design: Charles Walsh Nature Tourism Services.

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Related series: Flora of Australia
Publishers: Australian Biological Resources Study
Year: 2000