Feathers, flyways and fast food

Original by Dr Margaret Rowe, 2002
Last revised by the Department of the Environment and Heritage, December 2004
ISBN 0 6425 4820 X

Notes about shorebirds provided to Australian schools by Environment Australia

The Wetlands Section, Environment Australia, provides these notes to encourage students to learn about birds, especially migratory shorebirds.The notes are for teachers and students and include some questions, some suggested teaching strategies for using the material and links to websites which may be of interest.

Use of these notes will be more meaningful if teachers and students can refer to the illustrations in a handbook of Australian birds.

Initially the notes were prepared for Australian schools located near wetlands listed in the East Asian—Australasian Shorebird Site Network.These schools are invited to share information about migratory shorebirds by participating in an education project organised by the Yatsu Higata Nature Observation Center, Narashino, Japan.

There is also considerable interest in establishing correspondence between Australian and Japanese schools with a shared interest in shorebirds and terns. It is hoped that fruitful exchanges of information will increase over the next few years and will include other countries in the Flyway.