Shorebirds of the Yellow Sea

Importance, threats and conservation status
Mark Barter
Wetlands International, 2002
ISBN 90 5882 009 2

4. Shorebirds occuring in internationally important numbers at Yellow Sea sites (continued)

4.4 Species accounts (continued)

4.4.13 Grey-tailed Tattler Heteroscelus brevipes

Subspecies None; entire global population confined to the EAAF.


Breeding: s. Taimyr, n. and central Yakutia, e. to Chukotka, and Kamchatka.

Non-breeding: Coastal. se. China, Taiwan, Vietnam, se. Asia and Australia.

Usage and importance of Yellow Sea

Occurrence: Intertidal areas. NM and SM Common along s. coast of South Korea on both migrations; elsewhere widespread in small numbers. Numbers counted are probably realistic estimates of birds present in surveyed areas.

Movements: NM and SM Peak passage occurs in South Korea during second-half of May and in August. Main migration route appears to include Japan, where 5 000 - 6 000 occur on both NM and SM, and common presence in s. South Korea is consistent with this suggestion.

Significance of Yellow Sea: It seems that the Yellow Sea is of minor importance as a migration staging region, except for the s. coast of South Korea.

Key sites: 2 sites of international importance have been identified, both in South Korea; Suncheon Man is important during NM and Nakdong Gang Hagu during SM (see site location maps below).

Status of key sites: Neither of the sites is in a Protected Area.

Major gaps in knowledge: Incomplete geographical and temporal coverage in China. No information from North Korea.

Site count references

  1. Moores 1999a
  2. Yi & Kim in prep.

Status: Passage migrant
Estimated minimum numbers:
NM: South Korea: 1 400; China: Scarce.
SM: South Korea: 1 100.
South Korea: 2 (0)

Sites of international importance for Grey-tailed Tattler during northward and southward migrations
Sites of international importance for Grey-tailed Tattler during northward and southward migrations
  Site Country Count Ref
1 Suncheon Man (NM) South Korea 429 1
2 Nakdong Gang Hagu (SM) South Korea 463 2