Shorebirds of the Yellow Sea

Importance, threats and conservation status
Mark Barter
Wetlands International, 2002
ISBN 90 5882 009 2

4. Shorebirds occuring in internationally important numbers at Yellow Sea sites (continued)

4.4 Species accounts (continued)

4.4.28 Pied Avocet Recurvirostra avosetta

Subspecies None.

Distribution in the EAAF

Breeding: Mongolia and ne. China.

Non-breeding: Coastal and inland. e. and s. China.

Usage and importance of Yellow Sea

Occurrence: Intertidal areas and adjacent non-tidal wetlands. B Small numbers breed in the northern part of the Yellow Sea. 10 pairs in Shuangtaizihekou NNR (Y.X. Li in litt.). NM and SM Small numbers from Chang Jiang Estuary n, with concentrations in Yancheng NNR and n. Bohai Wan. Vagrant in South Korea. NB Good numbers present in Yancheng NNR. Numbers are probably underestimated as this species often occurs on non-tidal wetlands, which were generally less well surveyed than intertidal areas.

Movements: It is probable that most birds migrate through inland China.

Significance of Yellow Sea: There is insufficient information to make an estimate of numbers occurring in China. However, the region appears to be relatively unimportant for this species, probably supporting <10% of the estimated flyway population during both NM and SM.

Key sites: 2 sites of international importance have been identified, both in China; Huang He NNR is important during NM and Yancheng during the NB season (see site location maps below).

Status of key sites: Both sites are in Protected Areas.

Major gaps in knowledge: Improved geographical and temporal information from China, especially in coastal non-tidal wetlands.

Status: Breeding visitor, passage migrant and non-breeding visitor
Estimated minimum numbers:
No estimates; vagrant in South Korea
China: 2 (2)

Site count references

  1. Wang et al. 1992
  2. Wang 1997
Sites of international importance for Pied Avocet during northward migration and the non-breeding season
Sites of international importance for Pied Avocet during northward migration and the non-breeding season
  Site Country Count Ref
1 Huang He NNR (NM) China 450 1
2 Yancheng NNR (NB) China 775 2