Shorebirds of the Yellow Sea

Importance, threats and conservation status
Mark Barter
Wetlands International, 2002
ISBN 90 5882 009 2

4. Shorebirds occuring in internationally important numbers at Yellow Sea sites (continued)

4.4 Species accounts (continued)

4.4.36 Oriental Pratincole Glareola maldivarum

Subspecies None; entire global population confined to the EAAF.


Breeding: Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam to s., e. and n. China; ne. Mongolia and s. Manchuria. se. Asia and Indochina support sedentary populations.

Non-breeding: Mostly n. Australia.

Usage and importance of Yellow Sea

Occurrence: No information on habitat preferences. B Estimated 500 pairs in Tianjin Municipality (S.P. Zhang in litt.), a few pairs at Yancheng NNR (H. Wang pers. comm.) and 5 pairs at Shuangtaizihekou NNR (Y.X. Li in litt.). NM and SM Widespread in China, with highest numbers in Yancheng NNR- Dongsha region. Rare in South Korea. Numbers are probably underestimated, as this species occurs in non-tidal habitats which were generally less well surveyed than intertidal areas.

Movements: No information.

Significance of Yellow Sea: There is insufficient information to allow the importance of the Yellow Sea for this species to be determined or numbers to be estimated.

Key sites: 1 site of international importance has been identified, in China, during the breeding season (see site location map below).

Status of key sites: The site is not in a Protected Area.

Major gaps in knowledge: Incomplete geographical and temporal coverage in China, especially in near-coastal areas.

Site count reference

  1. S.P. Zhang in litt.
Site of international importance for Oriental Pratincole (used during breeding season)
Site of international importance for Oriental Pratincole (used during breeding season)
  Site Country Count Ref
1 Tianjin Municipality China 1 000 1