Shorebirds of the Yellow Sea

Importance, threats and conservation status
Mark Barter
Wetlands International, 2002
ISBN 90 5882 009 2

5. Internationally important shorebird sites in the Yellow Sea

5.3 Site accounts

The following section contains accounts for all 27 sites that have been identified as supporting internationally important numbers of at least one shorebird species in the coastal regions of the Yellow Sea. Section 5.4 contains a listing of potentially important shorebird sites that have not yet been surveyed.

Table 7 Sites supporting >20%, >10% and >5% of an estimated shorebird flyway population during northward migration, southward migration or the non-breeding season
Sites >20% >10% >5%
Chongming Dao PNR     Kentish Plover (NM)
Dong Sha     Asian Dowitcher (SM)
Yancheng NNR   Spotted Redshank (SM)
Marsh Sandpiper (NM)
Sanderling (NM)
Little Ringed Plover (SM)
Spotted Redshank (NM)
Marsh Sandpiper (SM)
Sanderling (NB)
Dunlin (NM)
Kentish Plover (SM)
Huang He NNR Eurasian Curlew (NM)
Kentish Plover (NM)
Grey Plover (NM)
Little Curlew (NM)
Tianjin Municipality   Black-winged Stilt (NM) Eurasian Curlew (NM, SM & NB)
Red Knot (NM)
Curlew Sandpiper (NM)
Grey Plover (NM)
Shi Jiu Tuo Eurasian Curlew (SM)   Eurasian Curlew (NM)
Black-winged Stilt (SM)
Grey-headed Lapwing (SM)
Northern Lapwing (SM)
Kentish Plover (SM)
Shuangtaizihekou NNR     Great Knot (NM)
Yalu Jiang NNR   Great Knot (NM)
Bar-tailed Godwit (NM)
Eastern Curlew (NM)
Grey Plover (NM)
Ganghwa Do     Eastern Curlew (NM)
Namyang Man     Eurasian Curlew (NM & SM)
Spotted Greenshank (NM)
Great Knot (NM)
Asan Man   Black-tailed Godwit (NM) Great Knot (NM)
Geum Gang Hagu Eurasian Oystercatcher (NB) Eurasian Oystercatcher (NB) Eurasian Curlew (SM)
Mangyeung Gang Hagu   Great Knot (NM)
Kentish Plover (SM)
Black-tailed Godwit (SM)
Spotted Greenshank (SM)
Dunlin (NM)
Lesser Sand Plover (NM & SM)
Dongjin Gang Hagu   Great Knot (NM) Spotted Greenshank (SM)
Kentish Plover (SM)
Lesser Sand Plover (NM & SM)

(Key: For site location see Figure 6.
NM = northward migration, SM = southward migration, NB = non-breeding season)