Applications for R-class and A-class authorities

There are some important points to remember when applying for R-class and A-class banding authorities, in addition to the points in Guidelines for first time applicants. They are:

  1. People wishing to apply for R-class and A-class authorities need to seek referee reports that attest to their skills. The ABBBS uses these reports to assess the application. The requirements for referee reports are outlined at Banding authorities.
  2. R-class and A-class applicants will also be required to obtain relevant State or Territory wildlife permits. This permit will give you permission to trap, band and release birds or bats in that State or Territory.
  3. Once you have received your permit, you must notify the ABBBS of the number and date of issue of your permit, or send a photocopy. Please do not send your permit to the ABBBS. You will be required to have it in your possession whilst banding. Your authority cannot be issued until you have notified the ABBBS of your State or Territory Wildlife permit number.
  4. Applicants wishing to start their own project must have the project approved by the ABBBS before any bands or equipment will be issued.
  5. Banders intending to operate in Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory or Victoria will need to provide the relevant Wildlife Agency a copy of their project proposal, as approved by the ABBBS. A State or Territory permit will not be issued without these papers. Banders assisting on another A-class banders project will need to request that they be added to the permit that covers the project.