How to report a bird or bat band recovery in Australia

If you find a band If you find a bird with a band, wing tag, or some other marking, the ABBBS would like to hear about it. Some kinds of bands cannot be reported to the ABBBS. These include Pigeon bands and bands used by domestic bird breeders. If you are not sure if you have found a band that is not reportable, please go to Pigeon and Breeders bands.

The ABBBS accepts reports of birds carrying foreign banding scheme addresses, such as the German band pictured. If you have found one of these bands, please follow the instructions below.

Either write, email or telephone the ABBBS with the following information, or use On-line reporting form:

  • the band number;
  • where you found the band;
  • when you found the band (date);
  • what you think happened to the bird;
  • where the bird is now;
  • where the band is now; and
  • notes about any other marks on the bird.

If the bird is dead, we would like you, if possible, to:

  • take the band off;
  • gently straighten it as much as you can;
  • stick it to some cardboard;
  • write the band number onto the cardboard;
  • write whether you have telephoned the ABBBS about this band; and
  • send the band to the ABBBS

The ABBBS will be very glad to hear from you and will send you a letter telling you about where and when the bird was banded.

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