The Action Plan for Australian Birds 2000

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Stephen T. Garnett - Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, and Gabriel M. Crowley - Birds Australia
Environment Australia, 2000
ISBN 0 6425 4683 5


This book is dedicated to the biologists employed to work on threatened birds. The voluntary effort put in by bird researchers is a major contributor to the exceptionally high level of in-kind support that characterises bird conservation. To the many ornithologists who have contributed their knowledge and time to the preparation of this Action Plan we offer our sincere thanks.

We are particularly grateful to our many friends in government agencies who not only gave advice generously but also invited us into their homes and discussed birds late into the night. Overall the process of preparing this Action Plan has been entirely amicable; vigorous professional debate, even disagreement, has never spilt into personal recrimination.

For taxonomic advice we wish to thank Dick Schodde and Ian Mason, who gave us an early edition of their monumental revision of Australian passerine taxonomy, and Les Christidis, chair of the Birds Australia Taxonomic Advisory Committee. We have also benefited greatly from advice provided by Ali Stattersfield and Rachel McClellan of BirdLife International as they assessed the global status of bird species for Birds to Watch 3. Rom Springall developed and maintained the web site on which all draft texts were posted, overcoming many technical problems and providing a far greater service than was expected.

Environment Australia provided operating funds for the Action Plan revision and we are grateful to those who administered the contract, initially Bruce Male, latterly Liz Dovey. At Birds Australia the grant was looked after by John Smith and, at the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Jeanette Stevens. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service made a considerable allowance of staff time towards the project and provided logistic support. We are particularly grateful to those senior managers at the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service who recognised the benefits of State staff assuming national responsibilities and who fostered collaboration on the project.

Finally we thank our children, Jeremy and Leah, for their tolerance as the time made available by their parents slipped from Near Threatened to Vulnerable to Critically Endangered as the book neared completion.