The Action Plan for Australian Frogs

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Michael J. Tyler
with the assistance of the Editorial Advisory Committee
Wildlife Australia, April 1997
ISBN 0 642 21400 X

Appendix 1 Checklist of Australian Frogs


australis Giant Frog
brevipes Short-footed Frog
cryptotis Hidden-ear Frog
cultripes Knife-footed Frog
longipes Long-footed Frog
maculosus Daly Waters Frog
maini Main's Frog
manya Small Frog
novaehollandiae New Holland Frog
platycephala Water-holding Frog
vagitus Wailing Frog
verrucosus Rough Frog
adelaidensis Slender Tree-frog
alboguttata Striped Burrowing Frog
aurea Green & Golden Bell Frog
bicolor Northern Dwarf Tree Frog
booroolongensis Booroolong Frog
brevipalmata Green-thighed Frog
burrowsae Tasmanian Tree Frog
caerulea Green Tree Frog
castanea (flavipunctata) Yellow-Spotted Tree Frog
cavernicola Cave-dwelling Frog
chloris Red-eyed Tree Frog
citropa Blue Mountains Tree Frog
cooloolensis Cooloola Tree Frog
coplandi Copland's Rock Frog
cyclorhyncha Spotted-thighed Frog
dahlii Dahl's Aquatic Frog
dentata Bleating Tree-frog
electrica Electric Tree-frog
eucnemis Fringed Tree-frog
ewingii Brown Tree-frog
fallax Eastern Dwarf Tree-frog
freycineti Freycinet's Frog
genimaculata New Guinea Tree Frog
gilleni Centralian Tree Frog
gracilenta Dainty Green Tree-frog
inermis Peter's Frog
infrafrenata White-lipped Tree-frog
jervisiensis Jervis Bay Tree Frog
latopalmata Gunther's Frog
lesueuri Lesueur's Frog
littlejohni Littlejohn's Frog
longirostris Long-snouted Frog
lorica Armoured Frog
meiriana Rockhole Frog
microbelos Javelin Frog
moorei Moore's Frog
nannotis Torrent Tree Frog
nasuta Rocket Frog
nigrofrenata Bridle Frog
nyakalensis Nyakala Frog
olongburensis Olongburra Frog, Wallum Sedge Frog
pallida Pale Frog
paraewingi Victorian Frog
pearsoniana Pearson's Frog
peroni Peron's Tree-frog
personata Masked Rock Frog
phyllochroa Leaf-green Tree Frog
piperata Peppered Tree Frog
raniformis Southern Bell Frog
revelata Revealed Frog
rheocola Creek Frog
rothii Roth's Tree Frog
rubella Red Tree Frog
spenceri Spotted Tree Frog
splendida Magnificent Tree-frog
subglandulosa Glandular Frog
tornieri Tornier's Frog
tyleri Tyler's Tree-frog
verreauxii Verreaux's Frog
v. alpina Alpine Tree Frog
wotjulumensis Wotjulum Frog
xanthomera Orange-thighed Frog
Nyctimystes dayi Day's Frog


Adelotus brevis Tusked Frog
Arenophryne rotunda Sandhill Frog
Assa darlingtoni Marsupial Frog
Bryobatrachus nimbus Moss Frog
bilingua Bilingual Froglet
deserticola Desert Froglet
georgiana Tschudi's Froglet
glauerti Glauert's Froglet
insignifera Sign-bearing Froglet
parinsignifera Eastern Sign-bearing Froglet
pseudinsignifera False Western Froglet
remota Remote Froglet
riparia Streambank Froglet
signifera Common Froglet
sloanei Sloane's Froglet
subinsignifera Small Western Froglet
tasmaniensis Tasmanian Froglet
tinnula Tinkling Froglet
Gen. nov. sp. nov. Sunset Frog
alba White-bellied Frog
laevis Smooth Frog
leai Lea's Frog
lutea Saffron Frog
rosea Roseate Frog
victoriana Eastern Smooth Frog
vitellina Orange-bellied Frog
albopunctatus Western Spotted Frog
australiacus Giant Burrowing Frog
barycragus Western Marsh Frog
eyrei Moaning Frog
inornatus Plains Frog
psammophilus Sand Frog
kundagungan Mountain Frog
loveridgei Loveridge's Frog
sphagnicolus Sphagnum Frog
Lechriodus fletcheri Fletcher's Frog
convexiusculus Marbled Frog
depressus Flat-headed Frog
dorsalis Bullfrog
d. dumerili Four-bob Frog, Eastern Banjo Frog
d. insularis " "
d. fryi " "
d. grayi " "
d. variegatus " "
fletcheri Marsh Frog
interioris Giant Banjo Frog
ornatus Ornate Burrowing Frog
peroni Brown-striped Frog
salmini Salmin's Striped Frog
spenceri Spencer's Frog
tasmaniensis Spotted Grass Frog
terraereginae Northern Banjo Frog
Megistolotis lignarius Carpenter Frog
Metacrinia nichollsi Nicholl's Toadlet
balbus Stuttering Frog
fasciolatus Great Barred Frog
fleayi Fleay's Frog
iteratus Southern Barred Frog
schevilli Northern Barred Frog
Myobatrachus gouldii Turtle Frog
albipes White-footed Frog
aquilonius Northern Burrowing Frog
centralis Trilling Frog
fulvus Tawny Frog
kunapalari Kunapalari Frog
pelobatoides Humming Frog
pictus Painted Frog
sudelli Sudell's Frog
sutor Shoemaker Frog
wilsmorei Goldfields Bullfrog
bennetti Holy Cross Toad
melanoscaphus Northern Spadefoot Toad
nichollsi Desert Spadefoot Toad
weigeli Weigel's Toad
Paracrinia haswelli Haswell's Froglet
Philoria frosti Baw Baw Frog
australis Red-crowned Toadlet
bibronii Bibron's Toadlet
coriacea Red-backed Toadlet
corroboree Southern Corroboree Frog
dendyi Southern Toadlet
douglasi Douglas's Toadlet
guentheri Gunther's Toadlet
major Large Toadlet
occidentalis Western Toadlet
pengilleyi Northern Corroboree Frog
semimarmorata Southern Toadlet
silus Gastric Brooding Frog
vitellinus Stream Frog, Eungella Gastric Brooding Frog
acutirostris Sharp-nosed Torrent Frog
diurnus Mt Glorious Torrent Frog
eungellensis Eungella Torrent Frog
liemi Liem's Frog
pleione Plieone's Torrent Frog, Kroombit Tinker Frog
rheophilus Tinkling Frog
altissima Alpine Toadlet
arenicola Jabiru Toadlet
aspera Derby Toadlet
borealis Northern Toadlet
capitulata Small-headed Toadlet
crassa Fat Toadlet
fusca Dusky Toadlet
glandulosa Glandular Toadlet
inundata Floodplain Toadlet
laevigata Smooth Toadlet
lithomoda Stonemason Toadlet
littlejohni Littlejohn's Toadlet
marmorata Marbled Toadlet
martini Martin's Toadlet
micromeles Tanami Toadlet
mimula Mimic Toadlet
minima Small Toadlet
mjobergi Mjoberg's Toadlet
orientalis Alexandra Toadlet
rugosa Wrinkled Toadlet
russelli Russell's Toadlet
talpa Mole Toadlet
trachyderma Blacksoil Toadlet
tyleri Tyler's Toadlet


bombiens Buzzing Frog
concinnus Elegant Frog
crepitans Rattling Frog
exiguus Scanty Frog
hosmeri Hosmer's Frog
infacetus Inelegant Frog
mcdonaldi McDonald's Frog
neglectus Neglected Frog
ornatus Ornate Frog
peninsularis Cape York Frog
saxatilis Rock Frog
delphe Northern Territory Frog
fryi Fry's Frog
gracilipes Slender Frog
pluvialis Rain Frog
obusta Robust Frog


Rana daemeli Water Frog