Action Plan for Australian Marsupials and Monotremes

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Wildlife Australia, December 1996
ISBN 0 6422 1395 X

Taxon - Table 1

Taxon IUCN Red
List category
Per cent
Family Tachyglossidae
Tachyglossus aculeatus aculeatus (Shaw, 1792), Short-beaked Echidna (mainland) LR(lc) <10
Tachyglossus aculeatus multiaculeatus (Rothschild, 1905), Kangaroo Island Echidna LR(nt) <10
Tachyglossus aculeatus setosus (Geoffroy, 1803), Short-beaked Echidna (Tas) LR(lc) <10
Family Ornithorhynchidae
Ornithorhynchus anatinus (Shaw, 1799), Platypus LR(lc) <10
Family Thylacinidae
Thylacinus cynocephalus (Harris, 1808), Thylacine, Tasmanian Tiger EX 100
Family Dasyuridae
Antechinomys laniger (Gould, 1856), Kultarr DD 10-50 ?
Antechinus unnamed sp., Agile Antechinus LR(lc) <10
Antechinus bellus (Thomas, 1904), Fawn Antechinus LR(lc) <10
Antechinus flavipes flavipes (Waterhouse, 1838), Yellow-footed Antechinus (SE mainland) LR(lc) <10
Antechinus flavipes leucogaster (Gray, 1841), Mardo, Yellow-footed Antechinus (WA) LR(lc) 10-50
Antechinus flavipes rubeculus Van Dyck, 1982, Yellow-footed Antechinus (N Qld) LR(lc) <10
Antechinus godmani (Thomas, 1923), Atherton Antechinus LR(nt) <10
Antechinus leo Van Dyck, 1980, Cinnamon Antechinus LR(nt) <10
Antechinus minimus maritimus (Finlayson, 1958), Swamp Antechinus (SE mainland) LR(nt) 10-50
Antechinus minimus minimus (Geoffroy, 1803), Swamp Antechinus (Tas+Bass Strait islands) LR(lc) <10
Antechinus stuartii adustus (Thomas, 1923), Brown Antechinus (N Qld) LR(lc) <10
Antechinus stuartii stuartii Macleay, 1841, Brown Antechinus (SE mainland) LR(lc) <10
Antechinus swainsonii insulanus Davison, 1991, Dusky Antechinus (isolated Vic population) LR(nt) <10
Antechinus swainsonii mimetes (Thomas, 1924), Dusky Antechinus (mainland) LR(lc) <10
Antechinus swainsonii swainsonii (Waterhouse, 1840), Dusky Antechinus (Tas) LR(lc) <10
Dasycercus byrnei (Spencer, 1896), Kowari VU 50-90
Dasycercus cristicauda (Krefft, 1867), Mulgara VU 50-90
Dasycercus hillieri (Thomas, 1905), Ampurta EN 50-90
Dasykaluta rosamondae (Ride, 1964), Little Red Antechinus LR(lc) <10
Dasyurus geoffroii Gould, 1841, Chuditch, Western Quoll VU >90
Dasyurus hallucatus Gould, 1842, Northern Quoll LR(nt) 10-50
Dasyurus maculatus gracilis (Ramsay, 1888), Spotted-tailed Quoll (N Qld) EN 50-90
Dasyurus maculatus maculatus (Kerr, 1792), Spotted-tailed Quoll (SE mainland+Tas) VU 50-90
Dasyurus viverrinus (Shaw, 1800), Eastern Quoll LR(nt) 50-90
Ningaui ridei Archer, 1975, Wongai Ningaui LR(lc) <10
Ningaui timealeyi Archer, 1975, Pilbara Ningaui LR(lc) <10
Ningaui yvonneae Kitchener, Stoddart and Henry, 1983, Southern Ningaui, Kitchener's Ningaui LR(lc) <10
Parantechinus apicalis (Gray, 1842), Dibbler EN >90
Phascogale calura Gould, 1884, Red-tailed Phascogale EN >90
Phascogale tapoatafa pirata Thomas, 1904, Brush-tailed Phascogale (N mainland) LR(nt) 10-50
Phascogale tapoatafa tapoatafa (Meyer, 1793), Brush-tailed Phascogale (S mainland) LR(nt) 10-50
Planigale gilesi Aitken, 1972, Paucident Planigale LR(lc) <10
Planigale ingrami (Thomas, 1906), Long-tailed Planigale LR(lc) <10
Planigale maculata (Gould, 1851), Common Planigale LR(lc) <10
Planigale tenuirostris Troughton, 1928, Narrow-nosed Planigale LR(lc) <10
Pseudantechinus bilarni (Johnson, 1954), Sandstone Antechinus LR(lc) <10
Pseudantechinus macdonnellensis (Spencer, 1895), Fat-tailed Antechinus LR(lc) <10
Pseudantechinus mimulus (Thomas, 1906), Carpentarian Antechinus VU 50-90 ?
Pseudantechinus ningbing Kitchener, 1988, Ningbing Antechinus LR(lc) <10
Pseudantechinus woolleyae Kitchener and Caputi, 1988, Woolley's Antechinus LR(lc) <10
Sarcophilus harrisii (Boitard, 1841), Tasmanian Devil LR(lc) <10
Sminthopsis aitkeni Kitchener, Stoddart and Henry, 1984, Kangaroo Island Dunnart, Sooty Dunnart EN 10-50
Sminthopsis archeri Van Dyck, 1986, Chestnut Dunnart (Aust) DD <10
Sminthopsis bindi Van Dyck, Woinarski and Press, 1994, Kakadu Dunnart LR(lc) <10
Sminthopsis butleri Archer, 1979, Butler's Dunnart VU 10-50
Sminthopsis crassicaudata (Gould, 1844), Fat-tailed Dunnart LR(lc) <10
Sminthopsis dolichura Kitchener, Stoddart and Henry, 1984, Little Long-tailed Dunnart LR(lc) <10
Sminthopsis douglasi Archer, 1979, Julia Creek Dunnart EN <10 ?
Sminthopsis gilberti Kitchener, Stoddart and Henry, 1984, Gilbert's Dunnart LR(lc) <10
Sminthopsis granulipes Troughton, 1932, White-tailed Dunnart LR(lc) <10
Sminthopsis griseoventer unnamed subsp., Boullanger Island Dunnart CR <10
Sminthopsis griseoventer griseoventer Kitchener, Stoddart and Henry, 1984, Grey-bellied Dunnart LR(lc) <10
Sminthopsis hirtipes Thomas, 1898, Hairy-footed Dunnart LR(lc) <10
Sminthopsis leucopus (Gray, 1842), White-footed Dunnart DD <10
Sminthopsis longicaudata Spencer, 1909, Long-tailed Dunnart LR(lc) <10
Sminthopsis macroura (Gould, 1845), Stripe-faced Dunnart LR(lc) <10
Sminthopsis murina murina (Waterhouse, 1838), Common Dunnart (SE mainland) LR(lc) <10
Sminthopsis murina tatei Troughton, 1965, Common Dunnart (N Qld) LR(nt) <10
Sminthopsis ooldea Troughton, 1965, Ooldea Dunnart LR(lc) <10
Sminthopsis psammophila Spencer, 1895, Sandhill Dunnart EN 10-50
Sminthopsis virginiae nitela Collett, 1897, Red-cheekedDunnart (NT+Kimberley) LR(lc) <10
Sminthopsis virginiae virginiae (Tarragon, 1847), Red-cheeked Dunnart (N Qld) LR(lc) <10
Sminthopsis youngsoni McKenzie and Archer, 1982, Lesser Hairy-footed Dunnart LR(lc) <10
Family Myrmecobiidae
Myrmecobius fasciatus Waterhouse, 1836, Numbat VU >90
Family Peroryctidae
Echymipera rufescens australis Tate, 1948, Rufous Spiny Bandicoot (Aust population) LR(lc) <10
Family Peramelidae
Chaeropus ecaudatus (Ogilby, 1838), Pig-footed Bandicoot EX 100
Isoodon auratus auratus (Ramsay, 1887), Golden Bandicoot (mainland) VU >90
Isoodon auratus barrowensis (Thomas, 1901), Barrow Island Golden Bandicoot VU 10-50
Isoodon macrourus macrourus (Gould, 1842), Northern Brown Bandicoot (WA) LR(lc) 10-50
Isoodon macrourus torosa (Ramsay, 1877), Northern Brown Bandicoot (E mainland) LR(lc) 10-50
Isoodon obesulus affinis (Waterhouse, 1846), Southern Brown Bandicoot (Tas) LR(lc) 10-50
Isoodon obesulus fusciventer (Gray, 1841), Quenda, Southern Brown Bandicoot (WA) LR(nt) 50-90
Isoodon obesulus nauticus Thomas, 1922, Nuyts Southern Brown Bandicoot VU <10
Isoodon obesulus obesulus (Shaw, 1797), Southern Brown Bandicoot (SE mainland) LR(nt) 50-90
Isoodon obesulus peninsulae Thomas, 1922, Southern Brown Bandicoot (Cape York) LR(nt) 50-90
Macrotis lagotis (Reid, 1837), Greater Bilby VU 50-90
Macrotis leucura (Thomas, 1887), Lesser Bilby EX 100
Perameles bougainville bougainville Quoy and Gaimard, 1824, Western Barred Bandicoot (Shark Bay) EN <10
Perameles bougainville fasciata Gray, 1841, Western Barred Bandicoot (mainland) EX 100
Perameles eremiana Spencer, 1897, Desert Bandicoot EX 100
Perameles gunnii unnamed subsp., Eastern Barred Bandicoot (mainland) CR >90
Perameles gunnii gunnii Gray, 1838, Eastern Barred Bandicoot (Tas) VU 10-50
Perameles nasuta Geoffroy, 1804, Long-nosed Bandicoot LR(lc) <10
Family Notoryctidae
Notoryctes caurinus Thomas, 1920, Kakarratul, Northern Marsupial Mole EN <10 ?
Notoryctes typhlops (Stirling, 1889), Itjaritjari, Southern Marsupial Mole EN 10-50
Family Vombatidae
Lasiorhinus krefftii (Owen, 1872), Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat CR >90
Lasiorhinus latifrons (Owen, 1845), Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat LR(lc) 10-50
Vombatus ursinus hirsutus (Perry, 1810), Common Wombat (mainland) LR(lc) 10-50
Vombatus ursinus tasmaniensis (Spencer and Kershaw, 1910), Common Wombat (Tas) LR(lc) 10-50
Vombatus ursinus ursinus (Shaw, 1800), Bass Strait Wombat VU 50-90
Family Phascolarctidae
Phascolarctos cinereus (Goldfuss, 1817), Koala LR(nt) 50-90
Family Potoroidae
Aepyprymnus rufescens (Gray, 1837), Rufous Bettong LR(lc) 10-50
Bettongia gaimardi cuniculus (Ogilby, 1838), Tasmanian Bettong (Tas) LR(nt) 50-90
Bettongia gaimardi gaimardi (Desmarest, 1822), Eastern Bettong (mainland) EX 100
Bettongia lesueur unnamed subsp., Boodie, Burrowing Bettong (Barrow+Boodie Is) VU <10
Bettongia lesueur graii (Gould, 1841), Boodie, Burrowing Bettong (inland) EX 100
Bettongia lesueur lesueur (Quoy and Gaimard, 1824), Boodie, Burrowing Bettong (Shark Bay) VU >90
Bettongia penicillata ogilbyi (Waterhouse, 1841), Woylie, Brush-tailed Bettong (SW WA) LR(cd) >90
Bettongia penicillata penicillata Gray, 1843, Brush-tailed Bettong (SE mainland) EX 100
Bettongia tropica Wakefield, 1967, Northern Bettong EN >90
Caloprymnus campestris (Gould, 1843), Desert Rat-kangaroo EX 100
Hypsiprymnodon moschatus Ramsay, 1876, Musky Rat-kangaroo LR(lc) 10-50
Potorous gilbertii (Gould, 1841), Gilbert's Potoroo CR >90
Potorous longipes Seebeck and Johnston, 1980, Long-footed Potoroo EN <10 ?
Potorous platyops (Gould, 1844), Broad-faced Potoroo EX 100
Potorous tridactylus apicalis (Gould, 1851), Long-nosed Potoroo (Tas) LR(lc) 10-50
Potorous tridactylus tridactylus (Kerr, 1792), Long-nosed Potoroo (SE mainland) VU 10-50
Family Macropodidae
Dendrolagus bennettianus De Vis, 1887, Bennett's Tree-kangaroo LR(nt) <10
Dendrolagus lumholtzi Collett, 1884, Lumholtz's Tree-kangaroo LR(nt) 10-50
Lagorchestes asomatus Finlayson, 1943, Kuluwarri, Central Hare-wallaby EX 100
Lagorchestes conspicillatus conspicillatus Gould, 1842, Barrow Island Spectacled Hare-wallaby VU 10-50
Lagorchestes conspicillatus leichardti Gould, 1853, Spectacled Hare-wallaby (mainland) LR(nt) 10-50
Lagorchestes hirsutus unnamed subsp., Mala, Rufous Hare-wallaby (central mainland) CR >90
Lagorchestes hirsutus bernieri Thomas, 1907, Rufous Hare-wallaby (Bernier Is) VU <10
Lagorchestes hirsutus dorreae Thomas, 1907, Rufous Hare-wallaby (Dorre Is) VU <10
Lagorchestes hirsutus hirsutus Gould, 1844, Rufous Hare-wallaby (SW mainland) EX 100
Lagorchestes leporides (Gould, 1841), Eastern Hare-wallaby EX 100
Lagostrophus fasciatus albipilis (Gould, 1842), Banded Hare-wallaby (mainland) EX 100
Lagostrophus fasciatus fasciatus (Peron and Lesueur, 1807), Banded Hare-wallaby (Bernier+Dorre Is) VU <10
Macropus agilis (Gould, 1842), Agile Wallaby LR(lc) <10
Macropus antilopinus (Gould, 1842), Antilopine Wallaroo LR(lc) <10
Macropus bernardus Rothschild, 1904, Black Wallaroo LR(nt) <10
Macropus dorsalis (Gray, 1837), Black-striped Wallaby LR(lc) 10-50
Macropus eugenii decres Troughton, 1941, Tammar Wallaby (Kangaroo Is) LR(nt) <10
Macropus eugenii derbianus (Gray, 1837), Tammar Wallaby (WA) LR(nt) >90
Macropus eugenii eugenii (Desmarest, 1817), Tammar Wallaby (SA) EW 100
Macropus fuliginosus fuliginosus (Desmarest, 1817), Kangaroo Island Western Grey Kangaroo LR(nt) Incr.
Macropus fuliginosus melanops Gould, 1842, Western Grey Kangaroo (mainland) LR(lc) <10
Macropus giganteus giganteus Shaw, 1790, Eastern Grey Kangaroo (mainland) LR(lc) Incr.
Macropus giganteus tasmaniensis Le Souef, 1923, Eastern Grey Kangaroo (Tas) LR(nt) 50-90
Macropus greyi Waterhouse, 1845, Toolache Wallaby EX 100
Macropus irma (Jourdan, 1837), Western Brush Wallaby, Kwoora LR(nt) 10-50
Macropus parma Waterhouse, 1845, Parma Wallaby LR(nt) 10-50
Macropus parryi Bennett, 1835, Whiptail Wallaby LR(lc) <10
Macropus robustus isabellinus (Gould, 1842), Barrow Island Euro VU <10
Macropus robustus robustus Gould, 1841, Common Wallaroo, Euro (mainland) LR(lc) Incr.
Macropus rufogriseus banksianus (Quoy and Gaimard, 1825), Red-necked Wallaby (mainland) LR(lc) <10 ?
Macropus rufogriseus rufogriseus (Desmarest, 1817), Bennett's Wallaby (Tas) LR(lc) 10-50
Macropus rufus (Desmarest, 1822), Red Kangaroo LR(lc) Incr.
Onychogalea fraenata (Gould, 1841), Bridled Nailtail Wallaby EN >90
Onychogalea lunata (Gould, 1841), Crescent Nailtail Wallaby EX 100
Onychogalea unguifera (Gould, 1841), Northern Nailtail Wallaby LR(lc) <10
Petrogale assimilis Ramsay, 1877, Allied Rock-wallaby LR(lc) <10
Petrogale brachyotis (Gould, 1841), Short-eared Rock-wallaby LR(lc) <10
Petrogale burbidgei Kitchener and Sanson, 1978, Monjon LR(nt) <10
Petrogale coenensis Eldridge and Close, 1992, Cape York Rock-wallaby LR(nt) <10
Petrogale concinna concinna Gould, 1842, Nabarlek (NW NT) LR(nt) 50-90
Petrogale concinna monastria (Thomas, 1926), Nabarlek (NW Kimberley) LR(nt) <10 ?
Petrogale godmani Thomas, 1923, Godman's Rock-wallaby LR(lc) <10
Petrogale herberti Thomas, 1926, Herbert's Rock-wallaby LR(lc) <10
Petrogale inornata Gould, 1842, Unadorned Rock-wallaby LR(lc) <10
Petrogale lateralis MacDonnell Ranges race, Black-footed Rock-wallaby (MacDonnell Ranges race) VU 50-90
Petrogale lateralis western Kimberley race, Black-footed Rock-wallaby (W Kimberley race) VU <10
Petrogale lateralis hacketti Thomas, 1905, Recherche Rock-wallaby VU <10
Petrogale lateralis lateralis Gould, 1842, Black-flanked Rock-wallaby VU >90
Petrogale lateralis pearsoni Thomas, 1922, Pearson Island Rock-wallaby VU Incr.
Petrogale lateralis purpureicollis Le Souef, 1924, Black-footed Rock-wallaby (W Qld) LR(lc) 10-50
Petrogale mareeba Eldridge and Close, 1992, Mareeba Rock-wallaby LR(lc) <10
Petrogale penicillata (Gray, 1825), Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby VU 50-90
Petrogale persephone Maynes, 1982, Proserpine Rock-wallaby EN 10-50
Petrogale rothschildi Thomas, 1904, Rothschild's Rock-wallaby LR(lc) <10
Petrogale sharmani Eldridge and Close, 1992, Mt Claro Rock-wallaby LR(nt) <10
Petrogale xanthopus celeris Le Souef, 1924, Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby (Qld) LR(nt) 50-90
Petrogale xanthopus xanthopus Gray, 1855, Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby (SA+NSW) VU 10-50
Setonix brachyurus (Quoy and Gaimard, 1830), Quokka VU 50-90
Thylogale billardierii (Desmarest, 1822), Tasmanian Pademelon LR(lc) 10-50
Thylogale stigmatica coxenii (Gray, 1866), Red-legged Pademelon (Cape York) LR(lc) <10
Thylogale stigmatica stigmatica (Gould, 1860), Red-legged Pademelon (N Qld) LR(lc) <10
Thylogale stigmatica wilcoxi (M'Coy, 1866), Red-legged Pademelon (S Qld+N NSW) LR(lc) 10-50
Thylogale thetis (Lesson, 1827), Red-necked Pademelon LR(lc) <10
Wallabia bicolor (Desmarest, 1804), Swamp Wallaby LR(lc) <10
Family Phalangeridae
Phalanger intercastellanus Thomas, 1895, Southern Common Cuscus LR(nt) <10
Spilocuscus maculatus nudicaudatus (Gould, 1850), Common Spotted Cuscus (Aust) LR(lc) <10
Trichosurus caninus (Ogilby, 1836), Mountain Brushtail Possum LR(lc) <10
Trichosurus vulpecula arnhemensis Collett, 1897, Common Brushtail Possum (N mainland) LR(lc) 10-50
Trichosurus vulpecula fuliginosus (Ogilby, 1831), Common Brushtail Possum (Tas) LR(lc) 10-50
Trichosurus vulpecula hypoleucus (Wagner, 1855), Common Brushtail Possum (SW mainland) LR(nt) 50-90
Trichosurus vulpecula vulpecula (Kerr, 1792), Common Brushtail Possum (E+central mainland) LR(lc) 10-50
Wyulda squamicaudata Alexander, 1919, Ilangnalya, Scaly-tailed Possum LR(nt) <10
Family Pseudocheiridae
Hemibelideus lemuroides (Collett, 1884), Lemuroid Ringtail Possum LR(nt) 10-50
Petauroides volans (Kerr, 1792), Greater Glider LR(lc) 10-50
Petropseudes dahli (Collett, 1895), Rock Ringtail Possum LR(lc) 10-50 ?
Pseudocheirus occidentalis Thomas, 1888, Western Ringtail VU 50-90
Pseudocheirus peregrinus convolutor (Schinz, 1821), Common Ringtail Possum (Tas) LR(lc) <10
Pseudocheirus peregrinus peregrinus (Boddaert, 1785), Common Ringtail Possum (mainland) LR(lc) 10-50
Pseudochirops archeri (Collett, 1884), Green Ringtail Possum LR(nt) 10-50
Pseudochirulus cinereus (Tate, 1945), Daintree River Ringtail Possum LR(nt) <10
Pseudochirulus herbertensis (Collett, 1884), Herbert River Ringtail Possum LR(nt) 10-50
Family Petauridae
Dactylopsila trivirgata picata Thomas, 1908, Striped Possum (Aust) LR(lc) <10
Gymnobelideus leadbeateri McCoy, 1867, Leadbeater's Possum EN 10-50
Petaurus australis unnamed subsp., Fluffy Glider, Yellow-bellied Glider (N subspecies) VU <10
Petaurus australis australis Shaw, 1791, Yellow-bellied Glider (S subspecies) LR(nt) <10
Petaurus breviceps Waterhouse, 1839, Sugar Glider LR(lc) <10
Petaurus gracilis (De Vis, 1883), Mahogany Glider EN 50-90
Petaurus norfolcensis (Kerr, 1792), Squirrel Glider LR(nt) 10-50
Family Acrobatidae
Acrobates pygmaeus (Shaw, 1794), Feathertail Glider LR(lc) <10
Family Burramyidae
Burramys parvus Broom, 1896, Mountain Pygmy-possum EN 10-50
Cercartetus caudatus macrurus (Mjöberg, 1916), Long-tailed Pygmy-possum (Aust) LR(nt) <10
Cercartetus concinnus concinnus (Gould, 1845), Western Pygmy-possum (WA) LR(lc) 10-50
Cercartetus concinnus minor Wakefield, 1963, Western Pygmy-possum (SA+Vic) LR(lc) 10-50
Cercartetus lepidus (Thomas, 1888), Little Pygmy-possum LR(lc) 10-50
Cercartetus nanus nanus (Desmarest, 1818), Eastern Pygmy-possum (Tas) LR(lc) <10
Cercartetus nanus unicolor (Krefft, 1863), Eastern Pygmy-possum (SE mainland) LR(lc) <10
Family Tarsipedidae
Tarsipes rostratus Gervais and Verreaux, 1842, Honey-possum LR(lc) 10-50

1 Per cent decline categories: 100 (extinct), >90, 50-90, 10-50, <10, Incr. (increased extent of occurrence), ? denotes considerable uncertainty.