National recovery plan for the Downy Wattle (Acacia pubescens)

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Environment Australia, February 2003
ISBN 0 7313 6504 6

3. Conservation Status

Acacia pubescens has been recorded from 195 sites and is currently known from 151 of these. Although the species is known from a large number of sites, a high percentage of these (51%) consist of populations of fewer than 20 ramets (or 'clones'). Most of these populations are subject to numerous threats. Only 5 of the 151 sites occur within conservation reserves (those being Scheyville National Park and Windsor Downs Nature Reserve), although there are also a number of sites (62%) in other forms of public ownership, and some of these are being managed for conservation purposes.

Based on the above data, A. pubescens has been listed as vulnerable in New South Wales (Schedule 2 of the TSC Act ) and at the Commonwealth level (Schedule 1 Part 2 of the EPBC Act 1999).