National recovery plan for the Downy Wattle (Acacia pubescens)

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Environment Australia, February 2003
ISBN 0 7313 6504 6

15. Re-assess Conservation Status

15.1 Objective

To re-assess the conservation status of the species.

15.2 Criteria

Assessment of the conservation status is undertaken, based on accurate information about the management of and threats to the species.

15.3 Recovery Actions

15.3.1 Maintain a database on the species

The NPWS will develop and maintain a database on the species. Information which will be added to the database will include data from threat and habitat management programs, monitoring programs and planning decisions. In this way, consent and determining authorities will be able to make informed planning and management decisions about the species.

15.3.2 NPWS to be advised of any consents or approvals which affect A. pubescens

When planning decisions are made by consent or determining authorities which affect populations of A. pubescens, this information will be forwarded to the NPWS. This includes information on decisions that protect habitat, as well as those that lead to reduction of habitat and/or individuals.

This action will be undertaken by all consent and determining authorities.

15.3.3 Re-assess conservation status of species

Once the reservation/protection status of sites is increased and threat and habitat management programs are being implemented, a re-assessment of the conservation status of A. pubescens will be undertaken using the criteria developed by Keith et al. (1997) or other appropriate criteria, and is to be carried out at the review of this plan, taking into account the actions achieved, any further loss or degradation of habitat and genetic information.

This action will be undertaken by the NPWS and referred to the NSW Scientific Committee.