Caladenia arenaria Fitzg. Recovery Plan

Threatened Species Unit, Western
The State of New South Wales, Department of Environment and Conservation, 2004
ISBN: 0731365399

16 Implementation

The following table summarises costs and allocates responsibility for the implementation of recovery actions specified in this plan to relevant government agencies for the period 2003 to 2007. The actions have been costed on the assumption that contractors undertake all works at $640/day plus inflation at 6%. DEC management costs are $350/day.

Table 3: Implementation schedule
Action Description Responsibility for implementation Cost Timeframe Priority
1 Monitoring DEC 20864 2003-2007 H
2 Seed set DEC 6933 2003-2007 H
3 Weeding DEC 3250 2003-2007 H
4 Hybridisation DEC 0 2003-2007 H
5 Exclosures DEC 3100 2003 H
6 Hand pollination DEC 11873 2003-2007 H
7 Surveys DEC 1920 2003-2004 H
8 Conservation agreements DEC/SF 0 2004 H
9 Germination and seed storage DEC 15000 2004 H
  DEC management DEC 17500 2003-2007 H
    Total cost 80440    

17 Preparation details

This plan was prepared by Geoff Robertson, DEC and Geoff Carr, Director, Ecology Australia Pty Ltd.

17.1 Date of last amendment

No amendments have been made to date.

17.2 Review date

This plan will be reviewed within five years of the date of publication.