National recovery plan for the Endangered Native Jute Species, Corchorus cunninghamii F. Muell. in Queensland (2001-2006)

Marion Saunders
Rainforest Ecotone Recovery Team (RERT)
Environment Australia, 2001

4. Acknowledgements

  • The original conservation statement and draft recovery plan for C. cunninghamii, prepared by David Halford in 1995, provided the basis for the current recovery plan and as such is acknowledged here.
  • We would like to thank Bill Faulkner (NSW NPWS) for providing us with a copy of the draft recovery plan for C. cunninghamii in NSW, and Dr. Barbara Stewart (Landmark Ecological Services Pty Ltd) for providing us with copies of Stage 1 and Stage 2 reports resulting from studies conducted on NSW populations of C. cunninghamii.
  • The team would also like to acknowledge research done on the species by Melanie Simmonds as part of her Honours studies in 2000, and for providing us with copies of her thesis.
  • The team would like to thank Glenn Leiper for allowing us to use his photographs in posters and educational material (recovery plan Action 4).
  • Klaus Querengasser's input in generating vegetation species lists for the Queensland sites and his help in monitoring changes in floral diversity is greatly appreciated and acknowledged, as is Sylvia Millington's efforts with regard to the Ormeau sites.
  • Funding for the Project Co-ordinators salary was provided though a Natural Heritage (NHT) Grant.
  • This plan was written as a result of funding from Brisbane City Council, Gold Coast City Council, Redlands Shire Council and Brisbane Forest Park.