The Recovery Plan for the Bathurst Copper Butterfly (Paralucia spinifera) 2001-2006

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Environment Australia, June 2001
ISBN 0 7313 62829

Appendix 2: Site Description Records

Site descriptions have been prepared for each confirmed site of Bathurst Copper Butterfly. The descriptions comprise geographic details including location, access, and size of the site as well as information on the land use, threats and general site condition. A sample site description is outlined on the following page.

Each confirmed Bathurst Copper Butterfly site has also been marked on the relevant 1:25,000 scale topographic map sheet, and has been recorded on the NPWS Atlas of NSW Wildlife.

Finally an aerial photo of each known site has been produced by the Land Information Centre at 1:2,500 scale. The air photo allows the total area of habitat to be clearly identified. Points within the habitat where butterflies or attendant ants are observed can also be located accurately.

Colour copies of the air photo are used during the annual site assessments described in Appendix 5. They allow the accurate location and recording of habitat and butterfly activity from year to year allowing changes in population dynamics to be monitored.

A sample completed Site Description Record is shown on the following page.

A complete set of site description records is not included due to confidentiality reasons

B8. Macabees Rd - road verge 500m from Yetholme crossroads.

Location: Map Sheet: Meadow Flat 1:25 000. 8831-2-S Zone: 55

AMG: 761650 Lat: 149° 48'53'

6295850 Long: 33° 26'40'

Region: Central West

Owner/Access: Evans Shire Council. (02) 6331 4200.

Land Use: Road verge.

Status: Probably extinct. AG 6/10/99. Site has been cleared of all vegetation recently.

Slope: 10° Aspect: S Elevation: 1100m Area: 0.1ha

Attendant ant: None seen.

Weeds: No.

Fire History: Long unburnt.

Actions Required: Check for presence of butterfly.

Check for presence of ant.

Site Inspections: Multiple inspections 97, 98 by AG/RM. No butterflies or grazing evident.

6/10/99. AG. None seen.