Daphnandra sp. C Illawarra (Illawarra Socketwood) Recovery Plan

Department of Environment and Conservation (NSW), 2005
ISBN: 1 7412 2144 7


The following members of the Illawarra Regional Threatened Flora Recovery Team and their respective agencies/organisations are thanked for their assistance with the preparation of this recovery plan and with the coordination/implementation of recovery actions to date:

  • Ken Murray and Sandie Jones (Shoalhaven City Council)
  • Paul Formosa (Wollongong City Council)
  • Alison Scobie and Sharon Cooper (Shellharbour City Council)
  • Peter Stuckey and Amanda Schipp (Kiama Municipal Council)
  • Graeme Bradburn (Australian Native Orchid Society, Illawarra Branch)
  • Chris Lacey and Tim Wilkinson (Department of Infrastructure Planning and Natural Resources)
  • John Briggs (Threatened Species Unit, Southern Region, DEC)
  • Les Mitchell (Nowra Area, Parks & Wildlife Division, DEC)
  • Melinda Norton and Ian Jackett (Highlands Area, Parks & Wildlife Division, DEC)
  • Carl Glaister and Anders Bofeldt (Wollongong Botanic Gardens)
  • Mark Robinson (Ecological Consultant)
  • Professor Rob Whelan (University of Wollongong)
  • Richard Johnstone (Mount Annan Botanic Gardens, Botanic Gardens Trust, DEC)

The following people are also thanked for their assistance in the recovery effort for D. sp. C Illawarra:

  • Denise Black, Kate Harris, Dorothy OKeith, Alan Fairley for assisting with survey efforts;
  • Michael and Hannah Hindmarsh for conducting surveys and implementing on ground threat abatement works at a number of sites;
  • Lisa Hart and David Murphy (Shellharbour City Council), Sharyn Langford and Michael Day (Kiama
  • Municipal Council), and Etienne Brits (Wollongong City Council) for providing spatial data;
  • Environment Australia Natural Heritage Trust Program for contributing funds towards the Illawarra Regional Threatened Flora Recovery Program.