Daphnandra sp. C Illawarra (Illawarra Socketwood) Recovery Plan

Department of Environment and Conservation (NSW), 2005
ISBN: 1 7412 2144 7

1 Introduction

Daphnandra sp. C Illawarra is a medium sized rainforest tree belonging to the Monimiaceae family. The species is endemic to the Illawarra region of NSW where it is recorded from 41 sites in the local government areas of Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama and Shoalhaven.

D sp. C Illawarra inhabits the rainforests of the coastal lowlands, rarely extending onto the upper escarpment slopes. These rainforests have been extensively cleared since European settlement and remaining habitat for the species is limited and highly fragmented. The main threat to the survival of the species is further clearing for agriculture, hard rock quarrying, residential development and road construction. Other threats include weed invasion, altered hydrological conditions, grazing and trampling by livestock and feral deer, and rubbish dumping.

This document constitutes the formal NSW and National Recovery Plan for D. sp. C Illawarra and as such considers the requirements of the species across its known range. It describes the current understanding of the species, documents management actions undertaken to date and details the recovery program for the species over the next five years and the parties responsible for implementing it.