Coxen's Fig-parrot Cyclopsitta diophthalma coxeni Recovery Plan 2001-2005

Coxen's Fig-Parrot Recovery Team
© The State of Queensland, Environmental Protection Agency, 2001

9. Recovery Objectives and Criteria

9.1 Recovery objectives

The overall objective of this recovery plan is to prevent extinction of Coxen's fig-parrot from human-induced causes and ensure the stability of wild populations.

Specific objectives during the life of the current recovery plan are to:

  • locate one or more remaining populations;
  • protect remaining populations and their habitat from human-induced threatening processes, thereby maintaining the populations and habitat;
  • increase understanding of the ecology of Coxen's fig-parrot;
  • secure and breed a captive population of Coxen's fig-parrot;
  • increase the extent, quality and connectivity of the habitat of Coxen's fig-parrot.

9.2 Recovery criteria

The success of the recovery program will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • at least one remaining population is located;
  • ecological assessment and monitoring strategies are established;
  • wild populations have not suffered reduction as a result of any factors other than stochastic events;
  • knowledge of the bird's conservation status, current distribution, life history and taxonomic status is significantly increased;
  • at least one pair of Coxen's fig-parrot founders is established and breeding in captivity;
  • existing habitat is mapped and conserved, and at least two priority areas of degraded habitat are rehabilitated; and
  • active community participation in Coxen's fig-parrot recovery is achieved.