Approved NSW and National Recovery Plan for the Grevillea beadleana

Threatened Species Unit, North East Branch
New South Wales Department of Environment and Conservation, 2004
ISBN: 174122 135 8


Appendix 2 Summary of Advice from the NSW Scientific Committee

Submission Comment Amendments made to Recovery Plan
NSW Scientific Committee The plan is in a different format from the plans prepared by DEC Southern Noted.
  The plan lacks the paragraphs about Aboriginal involvement. The Recovery Plan was prepared and exhibited prior to the recent TSC Act amendments. Indigenous communities involved in the regions affected by this plan have not yet been identified. Implementation of recovery actions under this plan will include consideration of the role and interests of indigenous communities in the region.
  The plan needs to consider seed predation work conducted on the closely related G. caleyi Text amended to incorporate additional information.
  The plan needs to consider research on G. caleyi in determining appropriate fire-free intervals for G. beadleana. The mixed messages regarding fire frequency need clarification in the light of existing knowledge on G. caleyi. Text amended to incorporate additional information.
  No current intention to declare Critical Habitat? Critical habitat to be considered following completion of additional surveys. No amendment.
  Reintroduction actions mentioned on Page 15 should make reference to either the DEC Translocation guidelines or the Australian Network for Plant Conservation Guidelines Text amended to incorporate additional information.
  In Action 4, it seems that an understanding of seed bank dynamics would be a more important issue, particularly as this is the basis for Action 6. Research into seedbank dynamics included as part of Action 4.
  Page i - final paragraph: Are four populations partly or wholly within conservation reserves? Text amended to incorporate additional information.
  Page ii - 2nd last paragraph: Change Increase known population size to Estimate current population size more accurately Text amended.
  Page iii - para 3: bullet point Protect all populations. be more explicit about means of protection Text amended.
  Page 3 - para 2 & 3: remove ROTAP details, out of date Deleted
  Page 6 - para 3: How was estimate of plant age made? Also, do plants show signs of browsing by goats? Text amended to incorporate additional information.
  Page 8 - 4.3 -Corymbia gummifera rather than E. gummifera. Text amended.
  Page 10 - para 3: Insert data for number of viable seeds after trials. Text amended to incorporate additional information.
  Page 10 - para 4: germination trials require replication as well as larger sample size Text amended.
  Page 10 - para 5: How was age of seeds determined? Text deleted as reference was not found to contain this statement.
  Page 10 - para 7: Does this mean there was overlap between successive fires? Text amended to make situation clear.
  Page 11 - para 2: Does .how healthy the seedbank is mean how large it is? Also, it is said that the .risks to the very few plants is too great to employ a control burn. Why would a control burn be a desirable action? Text amended.
  Page 13 - para 6: threats need a brief explanation. Also, may need to add seed predation (see major comments above) Text amended.
  Page 15 - para 3, 4 and 5: Is this text relevant to this section? Text deleted.
  Page 16 - 11.3 para 2: Will there be any access restrictions to habitat? Text amended to provide additional clarification.
  Page 16 - final para: What relationship currently exists with community? Text amended to provide additional clarification.
  Page 17 - Is it possible to be more specific about the identity of these individuals (if known).? Text amended to provide additional clarification.
  Page 18 - para 1: remove to rare. Overall aim would include to reduce risk of decline/extinction Text amended.
  Page 18 - para 2: Specific or Secondary objectives? Also, change Increase known. to Increase knowledge of extant.. Finally, include number of populations, with size and location in next para beginning Secure populations in conservation... Text amended.
  Section 15 - change Criteria to Criterion where relevant. Text amended.
  Page 21 - Outcome 3 change . dynamics.understood to changes in population size are assessed. Text amended.
  Page 22 - Perform. criteria 5: remove first few words and begin with Adoption of owners... Text amended.
  Page 23 - Funding action 5. There seems to be no budget for funds to develop management plans under Vol agreements? Depending upon which type of conservation mechanism is adopted, plans may not be required.
  Page 24 - Performance criteria 7: needs an experimental design. The intention is to visually assess grazing before determining whether an extensive and ongoing monitoring program is required. If ongoing monitoring is required, experimental design would be a key component of the program.