Approved NSW and National Recovery Plan for the Grevillea beadleana

Threatened Species Unit, North East Branch
New South Wales Department of Environment and Conservation, 2004
ISBN: 174122 135 8

13. Recovery team

A Recovery Team for Grevillea beadleana has been established to provide advice on the implementation of the Recovery Plan and to co-ordinate the undertaking of the management actions detailed in the plan. The Recovery Team is comprised of Caroline Gross, (UNE), Andrew Steed (DEC), Rachel Bailey and Danny Corcoran (DEC Dorrigo), Peter Croft (DEC Glen Innes) and Barry and Leonie McWhinney (private landholders). The future membership of the Recovery Team should be flexible to ensure appropriate people are on the Recovery Team, depending on what actions are being implemented.

Membership should include representatives of government departments and non-government organisations, and individuals who have a direct interest or role in the management of Grevillea beadleana. Private landowners with G. beadleana on their property should also be invited to participate in the Recovery Team. The Recovery Team should be co-ordinated by a representative of DEC and should meet at least twice annually. Meetings should be held in the ArmidaleGlen Innes area to facilitate regular field inspections of G. beadleana and its habitat.