Gypsum Goodenia (Goodenia integerrima) Interim Recovery Plan 2003-2008

Interim recovery plan no 136
Robyn Phillimore and Andrew Brown
Department of Conservation and Land Management, WA, 2003


Interim Recovery Plans (IRPs) are developed within the framework laid down in Department of Conservation and Land Management (the Department) Policy Statements Nos. 44 and 50.

IRPs outline the recovery actions that are required to urgently address those threatening processes most affecting the ongoing survival of threatened taxa or ecological communities, and begin the recovery process.

The Department is committed to ensuring that at least Critically Endangered taxa are conserved through the preparation and implementation of Recovery Plans or Interim Recovery Plans and by ensuring that conservation action commences as soon as possible and always within one year of endorsement of that rank by the Minister.

This Interim Recovery Plan will operate from May 2003 to April 2008 but will remain in force until withdrawn or replaced. It is intended that this IRP will be reviewed after five years and the need for a full Recovery Plan assessed.

This IRP was approved by the Director of Nature Conservation on 11 July, 2003. The provision of funds identified in this Interim Recovery Plan is dependent on budgetary and other constraints affecting the Department, as well as the need to address other priorities.

Information in this IRP was accurate at May 2003.