Grevillea obtusiflora subsp. obtusiflora and subsp. fecunda Recovery Plan

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, September 2001
ISBN 0 731 36281 0

3 Conservation Status

Grevillea obtusiflora is listed as an endangered species on Schedule 1 of the TSC Act. This listing of Grevillea obtusiflora is the result of the combination of the following factors that affect the taxon: occupies a restricted area, has a low number of individuals, there are threats to the taxon operating, and the taxon's ecology makes it susceptible to threats and subsequent decline.

G. obtusiflora subsp. obtusiflora is not represented in conservation reserves (National Park or Nature Reserve). Sub-populations within State Forest are conserved to the extent that forest management activities are conducted in accordance with the TSC Act. Sub-populations also occur on Council-managed roadsides. Grevillea obtusiflora subsp. fecunda is poorly represented in conservation reserves, with only one of the three subpopulations occurring within Gardens of Stone National Park, the remainder occurring on freehold land and roads.

Briggs and Leigh (1996) assign a conservation code of 2E to Grevillea obtusiflora, indicating that it is an endangered taxon with a geographic range of less than 100 kilometres. Makinson (1997) recommends (pending full survey) a conservation coding of 2Vi for Grevillea obtusiflora subsp. fecunda indicating a vulnerable taxon, with a range of less than 100 kilometres, and that is inadequately reserved.