Grevillea obtusiflora subsp. obtusiflora and subsp. fecunda Recovery Plan

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, September 2001
ISBN 0 731 36281 0

14 Implementation

14.1 Implementation Schedule

The following table allocates responsibility for the implementation of recovery actions specified in this plan to relevant government agencies for the period 2000 to 2005.

Table 3: Implementation schedule
Action Description Responsibility Timeframe Priority
Habitat Management
liaison NPWS Life of plan High
reclassifying S.F SF Immediate High
signage RSC Immediate High
impact assessment RSC Life of plan High
fire planning NPWS, SF, RSC Life of plan High
Survey and Monitoring
potential habitat NPWS 3 years High
monitoring NPWS life of plan Med
  5 years Med
Community Awareness
community talks NPWS Life of plan Med
information sheets NPWS 1 year High

14.2 Implementation Funding

The recovery actions and recommendations identified in this plan state what must be done to ensure the recovery of the endangered taxon Grevillea obtusiflora. Appendix 5 identifies the funding required to implement those actions that require funding for implementation.

15 Preparation details

This recovery plan was prepared by Margaret Turton (Contractor) and Simon Nally Senior Threatened Species Officer NPWS, in conjunction with the Grevillea obtusiflora species recovery team.

15.1 Date of last amendment

This document is the first recovery plan for Grevillea obtusiflora. No amendments to the plan have been made.

15.2 Review date

This recovery plan will be reviewed five years after the date of publication.