National recovery plan for the Tallong Midge Orchid (Genoplesium plumosum)

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, May 2002
ISBN 0 731 36457 0


The following members of the Recovery Team and their respective agencies/organisations are thanked for their assistance with the preparation of this Recovery Plan and with the implementation of Recovery Actions to date. Particular thanks is owed to Ron Tunstall for his investigations and monitoring of the Tallong Midge Orchid prior to the formation of the Recovery Team and for providing information about the species for inclusion in this Plan.

Keith Allen (Mulwaree Shire Council)
Graeme Bradburn (ANOS)
John Briggs (NPWS, Southern Directorate)
Paul Holmes (Santa Sabina College, Tallong Campus)
Russ Ayers (Tallong Park Resident)
Maggie Thatcher (Wingello Reserve Trust)
Tim Wilkinson (DLWC)
Genevieve Wright (NPWS, Southern Directorate)

Warwick Smith (NPWS, Southern Directorate) is thanked for his co-ordination of the survey work in 1999 and for his input into the early drafts of this Recovery Plan. The assistance of Karen Recktenwald, in allowing access to her land for surveys and for supporting the recovery program and of Paul Holmes from the Santa Sabina College, Tallong Campus for allowing access to and providing information regarding the site and assisting with the 2001 survey is much appreciated.

The following previous members of the Recovery Team are thanked for their contribution to the Recovery Program for the Tallong Midge Orchid; John Riley ( ANOS ), Jackie Taylor (NPWS), Doug Tipping (Tallong Park Association) and Ron Tunstall (ANOS).

Environment Australia is thanked for providing funding which enabled the preparation of this Recovery Plan and which will assist with the implementation of future Recovery Actions.

Special thanks to John Riley for providing the illustrations of Genoplesium plumosum used on the cover of this Plan.